Will LGS and YKS be postponed? Last minute statement came

After the Scientific Committee meeting, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca and National Education Minister Ziya Selçuk made statements. Minister Selçuk, stating that education from home is extended, we extend the period ahead with the suggestion of the Scientific Committee. Minister Selçuk, who also answered questions about the exams, answered LGS postponed? YKS will be postponed? last minute featured in their descriptions.

LGS and YKS postponed?

Minister Selçuk said the following about whether the exams would be postponed or not;

We started the meeting 1 hour ago. MONE We had the opportunity to discuss. As MEB, we had the opportunity to share what kind of need we need. As MEB, we look pedagogically. Our priority for us is our children. We try to identify the educational needs. MEB started distance education and this week was our test week. We will continue to do our full training in the coming weeks.

In principle, we take care to make the exam on time. According to LGS, we have 3 scenarios. Depending on the decisions here, it will be clear whether the exams will be postponed or not. Our scenarios are ready. The important thing is to take the minimum precautions to reduce our children’s stress related to the exam. Special work will continue for our students who will take the exam with distance education.

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Making a statement about YKS, Selçuk said, “YÖK and ÖSYM make the decision. In this sense, our consultation with these two institutions continues. We take measures to minimize the stress of our students.” said.


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