Will PlayStation soon bring the answer to Xbox Game Pass?

Does PlayStation take Xbox Game Pass as a model? (C) Sony, Microsoft – Image overlay: DailyGame

The Xbox Game Pass-Dienst from Microsoft has been a huge hit so far and has brought undeniable benefits to gamers. For a relatively small fee, players on Android, PC and Xbox can access over 100 games through Game Pass, including all major Xbox exclusive games on the first day of launch. Microsoft has since gone to great lengths to Xbox Game Pass even more attractive to gamers as it is clearly a key component of future strategy. PlayStation doesn’t have a real answer to Xbox Game Pass just yet, but that may change in the future.

In conversation with TASS explained Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment that “There is actually newswhat the Response from PlayStation to Game Pass concerns. Ryan also pointed out that Sony has a subscription service through PlayStation Now that allows users to live stream PS3 and PS4 games. PlayStation Now However, it is nowhere near the scope of Game Pass as it consists mostly of older titles and does not have the many other advantages that a Game Pass-Subscription offers.

The Xbox Game Pass offers the exclusive Xbox games as well as a rotating selection of AAA and indie games – (C) Microsoft

Exclusive PS5 games from day one with PS Plus? Rather unlikely…

Due to the commercial success of PlayStation exclusive games, the company is unlikely to release its first-party PS5 games on day one through a subscription service, as Microsoft does with Xbox Game Pass. It’s clear, however, that Sony is trying to take on Game Pass at least a little.

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One big way Sony has tried to fight back against Xbox Game Pass is the new one PS Plus collection. The Collection gives PS5 players with PS Plus access access to some of the top rated games for the PlayStation 4. Certainly Sony doesn’t offer the scope of the Xbox Game Pass for 60 euros a year, but at least it’s a clear sign for the gamers that they want to keep up a little against Xbox.

In addition, the PS Plus Collection games for PS5 players Free forever as long as you have a subscription to PlayStation Plus. Xbox Game Pass is like Netflix in the sense that games disappear again – except for the in-house productions.

We are curious what plans PlayStation will present to us in the future to fight against Xbox Game Pass to hold against.

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