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Wimbledon will not take place – Release

by drbyos

On the live Coronavirus

Wimbledon will not take place

Oh no !!!

Canceled. Not reported, no. Canceled. No strawberries with cream this year, no hope more and more vain to see Federer clinch a twenty-first title of the Grand Slam in la loulou. No opportunity to make fun of the English tradition. The Wimbledon organizers have announced that they will no longer host the tournament, scheduled for June 29 to July 12. It is the first time that one of the four major tennis tournaments, in this case the most prestigious, has been canceled. There was no question of playing it behind closed doors: between players and referees, ball collectors, too many people would have walked the alleys of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. And impossible to postpone it: at Wimbledon, the lawn is only green in the summer, in the fall it would be too slippery and therefore dangerous, and the site only has two short courts. However, the organizers should not leave their shirts there, in this case their white polo shirts. Well inspired, they signed an insurance contract, “7 digits” said one of them at Daily Mail, which provides for their almost total compensation in the event of cancellation due to a pandemic (or terrorist attack, or death of the queen which would cause a period of national mourning). Their insurer will therefore have to take out some 300 million euros (ouch !!!). Not sure in the future that a company dares to sign such a contract.

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