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Windows 10 and Samsung Galaxy’s become best friends

And that makes life a bit more pleasant!

How do you get the easiest photos and videos from your smartphone on the computer? One will still work with a cable, the other via a cloud service. However you do it, it can undoubtedly be more efficient.

If you have a Samsung smartphone, Microsoft will soon have good news for you. The tech company has partnered with the South Korean tech giant. This is evident from information via the latest version of the Windows 10 Insider build.

In the build it was discovered that you will soon be using WiFi files from a Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S20 can send to a device with Windows 10. That makes it a lot more relaxing than the hassle with a cable.

There are a number of hooks and eyes to the concept. For example, the files can be a maximum of 512 MB. If you have made a nice video in 4k 60 fps or even 8k, you will soon have to deal with this limit. Of course, both devices must operate on the same WiFi network in order to exchange files. (through SamMobile)

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