“Wing” of the AfD does not want to go into confrontation

Bjorn Höcke

The chairman of the AfD Thuringia was a key figure in the wing.

(Photo: dpa)

The “wing” of the AfD, which is classified as extreme right by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, does not want to confront the party. The German press agency learned this on Saturday from party circles. “Wing” front man Björn Höcke wants to announce further details soon. Previously, “tagesschau.de” and “Der Spiegel” had reported that the “wing” had already disintegrated.

A meeting of the “grand piano” originally planned for this Saturday had failed. The reason for this is said to be numerous cancellations in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. The federal executive of the AfD had passed a decision in Berlin on Friday with a large majority, which resulted in a request for self-dissolution to the “wing”. It said: “As a result of tomorrow’s” Flügel “meeting, the Federal Executive Board expects a declaration that the informal association” Flügel “will dissolve by April 30, 2020.” The most prominent “Flügel” representatives are the state leaders from Thuringia and Brandenburg, Björn Höcke and Andreas Kalbitz.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution had declared last week that the “wing” was a “proven extremist endeavor” that was directed against the liberal-democratic basic order.

Several critics of the “wing” in the AfD fear that the entire party could soon be classified as a suspected case by the constitutional protection. They argue that since the “wing” has no formal membership, it is difficult to distinguish it from the entire party.

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