Winless Devils hit by Flyers


PHILADELPHIA – The New Jersey Devils are still searching for the first win that is elusive.

Carter Hart stopped 25 shots from her first career movement to raise the Philadelphia Advertisements to win 4-0 over the Devil (0-2-1) on Wednesday night.

Ivan Provorov scored for the Advertisements, so Kevin Hayes, Sean Couturier and Travis Konency were part of a third three year period in their home openings.

The Flyers played for the first time since they hit the Chicago Blackhawks last week in Prague as part of the NHL's World Series.

Hart stopped with 28 shots in the 4-3 win, and the 21-year-old man was even better at his first open NHL night. Hart was talking like Flyers goalie of the future and he was very fun at times of last season to give hope to the Advertisements.

They missed the plays – but Philly is thinking that he can enter a playground of Eastern Conference.

Hart first gained Philly from the new coach Alain Vigneault, and he secured the 33rd NHL game schedule.

Vigneault has been recognized for the stiffening of previous stops and Vancouver and the New York Rangers were in charge of the Stanley Final. Vigneault's credentials prove that the Leaflets can be turned into winners. It has 16 NHL season to train in Montreal

Canadiens, Canucks and Rangers and his team made 11 times.

Hayes and Couturier gave a cushion to Hart when they scored 24 seconds rather than Cory Schneider in the first minute of play in the third period.

Hayes is another new face which he hopes will play a key role in the rounding of potential advertisements. Hayes signed a seven-year $ 50 million contract and made the highest paid player on the Flyers' which was behind Captain Claude Giroux and the winter Jakub Voracek. It is in line with 55 high-season career points last season with the Rangers and Jets.

The Flyers paid tribute to former star Wayne Simmonds. The Devils Simmonds signed a one-year contract after the Flyers traded it to Nashville at the trade deadline. The Simmonds, 31 years of age, were very big with fans and were very popular inside the locker room almost since it was acquired in a deal in 2011 with Los Angeles. He scored 23 goals and had 378 points in 584 matches with the Advertisements and he was never afraid to release the gloves when needed. With the flyers from the playing race, they made a very call to deal with at the deadline.

Simmonds were welcomed by hugs and hand hangers from a well known team from the Devils bus to the locker room.

“I was, what, 22 when did I trade here? 23 disappeared before the season and I was just coming in here trying to create myself as a good hockey player, ”Simmonds said. “I could never imagine in my worst dreams that they would take me as they did. Of course, it's an honor and it's nice to play here. ”

Simmonds was very impressed when he paid tribute to him who showed testimonies from the Advertisements about how big they were playing with the people called "Simmer."

“There have been so many good things for me in this building, so I don't think there's any that I can put my finger on,” Simmonds said. “There are probably different things going through my mind.” T

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