Winner and loser of the week: Huawei’s independence and PayPal’s mistake

It has been a busy week in the world of technology. These last seven days should have been dedicated to the Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona, ​​but this has not happened. However, among the chaos, there were those who came out on top and those who did not. Here are our winners and losers of the week just gone.

I want to give my second place of the week some space, if we can call him that. The redesigned Spotify app is a big hit for me. I am a huge fan of the service and have the app installed on every mobile device and computer I own. Despite being a heavy user and proponent of what Spotify offers music fans, I have never been a huge fan of the mobile app. The new interface is leaner and much easier to use, and I’m happy with it. But Spotify isn’t my winner of the week this week.

Winner of the week: Huawei’s growing independence

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been canceled, but Huawei and Honor have continued regardless. This unique situation has allowed us to come into direct contact with the new Mate Xs, among other new products, on the occasion of two different events simultaneously. My colleague Shu and I both tried Mate Xs and were impressed by the hardware, without even saying that it is a smartphone suitable for everyday use.

But it was what we saw from Huawei Mobile Services this week that impressed me the most. With HMS Core, the Chinese manufacturer is making it much easier for developers to bring their apps into its AppGallery. There are new partners on board including some of the largest UK outlets to join the agreement already announced with TomTom for a Google Maps competitor.

Both Huawei and Honor came across confidently during their launch events, which has not always happened – the launch of the Mate 30 Pro comes to mind – and at the moment there is a growing sense of independence surrounding this parent company and sister. Do they still want to work with Google? Yes, absolutely! Are Android prisoners, Google licensed apps and services? No not anymore.

Loser of the week: PayPal is the friend who let you down

It has been a difficult week for PayPal. Hackers were able to take advantage of a bug in PayPal’s Google Pay integration to perform unauthorized transactions. Users in both Russia and Germany started reporting issues on Reddit and Twitter after starting to notice strange activities on their accounts.

Basically, hackers were able to purchase stuff in stores like Target in New York with their Google Pay accounts that had been linked to the PayPal accounts of unsuspecting victims. It has been reported that the damages have been tens of thousands with some individual purchases made on products worth more than € 1,000.

German security expert Markus Fenske believes that the criminals were able to process the numbers, the expiry date of the CVC of the virtual cards created by PayPal when you link a Google Pay account to your wallet. An investigation is ongoing for now, but if you are a PayPal user with a linked Google Pay account, you should probably log in and check for recent transactions.

Who were your winners and losers of the week just gone? Share them with us below the line.


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