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Winter reinforcement of Pilsen: traveler and anti-Slavic

“My motivation is to fit into the team. And help Viktorce to the cup placement. In order for Europe to play here again and for my hosting to turn into a transfer, “said 31-year-old Potočný, on whom Plzeň can exercise the option after the season. he scored nine goals for Liberec, his career is losing its luster.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know why. As I couldn’t, I got down alone. I squeezed out mentally, “he said last spring. He went to Zlín for a three-month guest, where he cleared his head and started his way back to the limelight. But after returning to Baník in the summer, Potočný withered again. no little brother.

Since 2017, he has been dedicating them to his five-year-old son Tadeáš. When he scores a goal, he makes a point out of his fingers. “To be happy. We play at home with Tadeáš FIFU. He likes Depay, I Mbappé, “Potočný described some time ago, who recorded 201 matches in the league. The role of his father calmed him down, as he paid for a problem player. The tough hand of club owner Adolf Šádek is well known.

Sometimes, however, interesting sentences also fell out of his mouth in interviews for the media. For example, before the duel with Slavia in the 2016/2017 season, when he worked in Teplice. “I have more motivation against Slavia, I am an anti-Slavic. I’m a Spartan, I’ve been guided to it since I was a child, and you know what it’s like between Prague’s S. Slavia, I just don’t have to, “said Potočný at the time. Will he be able to start a career in Victoria?

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