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With a great offensive YouTube begins counterattack to the competition of Twitch »Hero Network

No one can deny that Youtube is a giant, He has been the Polyphemus of the platforms for a long time, we all know how the story ended for the son of Poseidon for having underestimated Ulysses and his warriors. A while ago there was no glimpse of any platform that would dare to overshadow such a giant, but things change, the irruption of Twitch in the streaming universe proves it.

Twitch’s appearance was at first like a gentle wind, for streamers a fresh breeze, for YouTube one more competition, however, for some time here that wind looks like a hurricane. The strategies of the incipient company have been penetrating in such a way that it has been strongly planted in the market, almost without wanting to. Such has been the work of Twitch, that has caused a notable migration of YouTube users, so much so that now if you are looking at the little warrior with concern.

YouTube announces changes to its features for streamers

There is a saying that it sure killed confidence, and in our history confidence blinded Polyphemus. This YouTube seems to know, that’s why it is not resting on its laurels and in its blog it details a set of strategies designed to maintain its reign and stop the growing flight of its users. To get started, has incorporated features similar to those of Twitch, These include gift subscriptions and live redirects when in action.

YouTube has studied Twitch’s weaknesses to use them to its advantage, and now go on the counterattack. Creator monetization methods prevail in its range of actions, but it also includes premium subscription royalties, Super Chat, Super Thanks, and Super Sticker. To this must be added the channel memberships themselves, the sale of merchandise and tickets.

All this shows that YouTube is not going to let itself be ousted by Twitch without fightingTheir spearhead from what you see is gift subscriptions along the same lines as Twitch with different levels of payment and privilege. What is obvious is that in this fight between these gladiators for the supremacy of streaming, there is already a sure winner, the users.

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