With every leak, the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro gets better and better – may it go to Poland!

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro will not only receive a display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, but also with MEMC technology. The solution allows you to increase the smoothness of displaying materials that were not designed for such screens. The premiere of the most profitable top smartphone this year is getting ready.

Thanks to a powerful leak from a few days ago, Fr. Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro we already know almost everything. There are only small “flavors” left, which only boost the atmosphere before the premiere. Against the background of this information, only one question remains – what the hell does Xiaomi intend to save on such an equipped and priced smartphone?

One of leaksters confirmed the new information on the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro display. As we already found out before, the smartphone will receive an LCD matrix with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The important information is that the MEMC technology will also be used.

What does it mean? That the content displayed on the screen will appear smoother as the missing frames will be filled in by AI. Thanks to this, videos and games that theoretically were not made for such a screen will look better than on smartphones without MEMC.

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Not bad for a smartphone whose price is below PLN 3,000. Such an amount for a smartphone with Snapdragon 865+, 8 GB RAM, a main camera with a 108 MP sensor or a 5000 mAh battery seems very reasonable. If you think that this is still too much, the Xiaomi Mi 10T with slightly weaker components will also go on sale – the design and screen should remain exactly the same.

Xiaomi Mi 10T oraz Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Xiaomi Mi 10T oraz Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

If about Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro you would like to know everything today, in the following post you will find a complete set of information about an unexpected contender for one of the best inexpensive flagships of 2020.

Gods, what a beast this is. We know the European price of Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro – it’s great!



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