With its "environmental treaty", EELV wants to "change the tables of the law" in Europe


Yannick Jadot presented this document of about twenty pages which intends to be "a legal revolution"

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At the meeting of EELV in Villeurbanne, April 10.
At the meeting of EELV in Villeurbanne, April 10. JEFF PACHOUD / AFP

The ambition is not modest. According to the leaders of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV), it is about "Change the tables of the law" in Europe. Nothing less. On Wednesday, May 15th, the Greens presented their "Environmental treaty" who wants to protect the environment and fight against climate change "The fundamental law of the European Union", according to the expression of Yannick Jadot, the head of green list for the European elections of May 26th.

David Cormand, national secretary of EELV, assures him: "What we must place above is the protection of the living, of nature. We can get things moving with the current treaties, but we need a binding legal tool. This objective will structure our fight in the years to come. " Marie Toussaint, initiator of the "business of the century" (four environmental associations have attacked the French government for climate inaction, supported by a petition that has gathered more than 2 million signatures) abounds: "At a time when liberals and productivists want to give robots the legal personality, we want to give rights to nature. It's a legal revolution. "

New institutions

In addition to the desire to make the EU "Genuinely" Ecologist with half of the budget devoted to the ecological transition and the defense of biodiversity, EELV intends to cut short the debate on the opportunity to leave European treaties, an option defended by France insubordinate (LFI), with whom Europe Ecology-The Greens are neck and neck in polls ten days of the poll.

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The Greens want, on the contrary, to have a new one adopted, with the creation of new institutions (such as, for example, a European Council for Nature and the Living, a European Public Prosecutor for the Environment and Environmental Health). the possibility for "All ecosystems and all living things to be defended in court through legal representatives and mechanisms allowing EU residents to go to court" and setting up group actions at European level.


The document, about twenty pages, is divided into five parts grouping eighteen articles. In particular, it lists "Environmental rights". "Everyone has the right to a stable climate and a healthy, balanced and healthy environment conducive to their well-being, dignity, culture and fulfillment" (Article 1); "An effective right of recourse to justice and a fair trial is guaranteed in all cases involving environmental damage and non-compliance with the obligations arising from this Treaty" (Section 3).

The text also establishes "Rights of nature" and defines "Crimes and offenses against nature" and others "Ecocidal". Understand: an act that would have "Serious or lasting consequences for one or more ecological systems of the Earth".

With this work, Europe Ecology-The Greens intends to show the seriousness of its program and to differentiate, especially, from the many lists that seize the political ecology. Because EELV seems caught in a vise. On his right, La République en marche and the many green defectors who give credibility to Nathalie Loiseau's list of ecology. On his left, La France rebellious but also Raphael Glucksmann, head of list Public Square-Socialist Party, whose proposals are almost the twin of those of EELV. The same goes for Benoît Hamon and his list of the European Spring. Finally, the Urgency Ecology list led by Dominique Bourg defends, she, "Integral ecology". The goal is clear: Yannick Jadot's supporters want voters to prefer the original to the copy.

Abel Mestre

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