With its new Conseil des Sages, St-Denis gives a voice to seniors

Construction, transport, health, employment, communication and information … The twenty members of the Saint-Denis Council of the Wise will now have their say. “We must take into account the issue of aging and integrate people over 55 more into decisions, says Ericka Bareigts, MP for the first constituency, the WHO label has been obtained, so now we have to keep it and implement it “.

Indeed, the expectations of a “city, friend of the elderly” are a favorable environment for seniors and anticipation of their needs. Concretely, the 25 members of the Council of the Wise (24 of whom are honorary citizens), formed four working groups around different themes: building, transport and housing, social inclusion and employment, communication and information and finally, community support and health services.

The role of these “wise men” will be advisory and they will work with a research firm which will be appointed in the coming weeks. The Conseil des Sages will then have one year to produce action sheets, before the implementation phase begins in November 2014.

Among the honorary citizens, managers, presidents of associations, artists … including Thérèse Baillif, president of CEVIF (Collective for the elimination of domestic violence). “It took all these active volunteer volunteers to implement this approach”, insists the member.

“According to INSEE, there is less and less family solidarity, explain Ericka Bareigt, seniors should not become socially excluded. The issue of isolation must be addressed through these different themes “.


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