With tears in his eyes, Floppy Tesouro said goodbye to Cantando 2020

The cry of Floppy Tesouro (Video: “Cantando 2020”, ElTrece)

The gala on Friday of Singing 2020 had many intense moments, since after his hard confrontation with Nacha guevara, Lola latorre He ended up formalizing his resignation from the contest conducted by Angel de Brito Y Laurita Fernandez. And, in this way, he left without a partner Lucas Spadafora, who without having the possibility to participate in the duel went directly to the final instance of the telephone vote.

Thus, the couples who sought to be saved by the El Trece reality jury were those of Agustin Sierra e Inbal Comedi, Cinthia Fernandez Y Facundo Magrané Y Floppy Treasure Y Pablo Turturiello. And, after deliberation of Karina La Princesita Tejeda, Oscar Mediavilla, Moria Casán and Nacha, the latter was the one who had to define her future by appealing to the public’s decision.

Finally, with 56 percent of the votes, viewers chose Spadafora to continue in the contest, so the production must find him a new partner. This case is different from Alex Caniggia: the young man also resigned and left his partner without a job, Melina De Piano. On that occasion, the direct elimination of the couple was decreed since only one of its members was famous.

Floppy in one of his presentations at Cantando 2020 (Photo: Instagram)

I love singing and I will continue to do so. Whoever likes it“Said Floppy confirming that she is willing to continue her singing career. And he added: “I am very happy for everything that is happening to me. And I want to thank the jury because, beyond any round trip, they are great professionals ”. However, after mentioning her team and her partner, whom she considered “a friend”, the model broke down.

It was then that tears came to her eyes. “It costs me a lot to leave because it is a place that I love very much. And I really value everything we do all the time”, He said as he continued to mention those who had worked alongside him during these months. And, finally, he assured: “I grew a lot and I keep everything that is beautiful and everything that I enjoyed on this track.”

It should be remembered that last Wednesday, when she returned to the track after having been suspended for having attended, allegedly, a clandestine party violating the protocols against COVID-19, the daughter of Yanina Latorre He had an altercation with Nacha that ended with her mother’s decision to remove her from the pageant. “There is a moment when I stop wasting my time and my energy in cases that I consider lost,” said the interpreter of My city, after refusing to make a refund to the participant.

Immediately, the panelist from LAM He showed his discontent on Twitter and announced that the 19-year-old would not return to reality. It was only at the elimination gala that Lola’s formal resignation was known. “After having spoken with my team and the production, Today I decide not to be in the program anymore, in the Singing. I decide to take care of myself, make myself respected, preserve myself and, above all things, put a limit on disrespect ”, explained the model through a video that was played live.


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