With the death of Menem, five former presidents remain alive

The other four living former presidents served in office after the reestablishment of Democracy in 1983, a period in which there were already four deceased presidents: Raúl Alfonsín in 2009, Néstor Kirchner in 2010, Fernando de la Rúa in 2019 and Menem in 2021.

In addition to “Isabel” Perón, who recently turned 90, the other four former presidents alive are Adolfo Rodríguez Saa (73 years), Eduardo Duhalde (79 years), Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (68 years) and Mauricio Macri (62 years old).

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Carlos Menem: the former president passed away at the age of 90

To the list can be added two leaders who exercised the ownership of the Executive Power for a few hours in the convulsed Argentine political situation of December 2001, in the days after De la Rúa’s resignation: the then provisional presidents of the Senate, Ramón Puerta , and from the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Caamaño.

Four of the five former presidents alive belong to the Justicialista Party, while the fifth, Macri, is from the PRO, without a living head of state who has been enrolled in the Radical Civic Union.

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Three of the former presidents who remain alive after the death of Carlos Menem.

Of the five former presidents alive, one came to power as vice president due to the death of the president (Martínez de Perón), two by vote of the Legislative Assembly (Rodríguez Saa and Duhalde) and the other two by popular vote (Fernández de Kirchner in two chances and Macri).

Fernández de Kirchner is currently the vice president and president of the Senate, in which Rodríguez Saa serves on behalf of the province of San Luis.

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With the death of Reynaldo Bignone in 2018, none of the thirteen dictators who occupied the Executive Power in Argentina between 1930 and 1983 remain alive.


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