Withdrawal of sexual assault charges against actor Kevin Spacey


The authorities dropped the charges against US actor Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual assault and sexual assault in Massachusetts, in a case that had been weakened by the victim herself. This result was expected after the hearing on July 8, during which the young man allegedly assaulted by Spacey in July 2016 decided to remain silent so as not to incriminate himself.

In a letter addressed to the judge on Wednesday, the prosecutor responsible on the island of Nantucket, where the events allegedly occurred, justified his decision "due to the lack of availability of the witness who filed the complaint." This is a slap for the prosecutor Michael O'Keefe, who to date has been the only one who has accused Kevin Spacey, subject of other investigations in the United States and England.

However, the decision will only have limited consequences on the career of the actor, 59, who has been paralyzed since the first accusations were made against him for sexual assault, in November 2017. In this case, the star of the series 'House of Cards' had been accused of having placed her hand on the genitals of an 18-year-old in a bar, after having invited him to drink, in July 2016.

The demand for indecent assault and assault came at the end of 2018, after other accusations of aggression against young men came to light in the middle of the #MeToo movement. In the dismissed lawsuit, everything is developed around the accuser's mobile phone, which used it to film the alleged aggression and sent it in a message to what was then his girlfriend and a group of friends. Examined by the police, the device was returned to the young man after the information was extracted.


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