Without underwear … In the room it’s deadly “

Big Brother Vip, the background on Patrizia De Blanck: Without underwear … In the room it’s deadly ». Patrizia De Blanck continues to be at the center of the gossip in the house of Big Brother Vip. Many of his fellow adventurers complain of bad smells every time they approach, hinting at his poor intimate hygiene. Meanwhile, a Afternoon 5 a background emerges. “She doesn’t wear underwear, every time she got up from the sofa I had to pull her skirt down,” she said in connection Fulvio Abbate.

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The intellectual intervened commenting on the accusations of Big Brother’s competitors: «They are excessive, yours is a room without an air vent … Everyone knows that he does not use underwear. It is a cultural fact ». The boys at the table had talked about the countess’s habits: “As soon as you enter it’s deadly, it’s a Babylonian room.”

The countess could go out tonight and only a few hours went on a rampage after finding out that Stefania Orlando voted for it, ending it up in nomination. The noblewoman has vented badly with some roommates even swearing revenge against Orlando.

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