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Wiz Khalifa thinks that eating bananas is gay and that the internet trainee

July 20, 2018, 12:27

  Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images // YouTube

No. This is not a dream of fever. That's the reality …

Wiz Khalifa may be a multi-platinum recording artist but that does not prevent him from occasionally offering opinions that no one n & # 39; Asked; The rapper 'Black and Yellow & # 39; was on The Breakfast Club this week and in his interview he said that heterosexual men should not eat bananas. In his own words: "If you bite a banana, you know." He then added: "n *** like breaking the banana in half".

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Wtf? There was literally no context for these comments. The interview begins with Wiz giving controversial fruity tips to animator Tha Tha, while Angela Yee and Envy DJ are perplexed. Charlamagne says, "Whaaa, it's just a fruit." Khalifa then responds: "I'm just trying to help you brother … If you're in public and you eat a banana, you have to break it into pieces …"

Watch the interview perplexed right here.

The layers are so difficult to understand. Not only is it ridiculous to suggest that eating certain fruits is "sus", but also the implication that it can make you look gay and there is something wrong with the homophobic. Heterosexual men should not worry if people think that they are homosexuals, let alone suggesting that some fruits are gay because they seem phallic.

Not surprisingly, the internet is not impressed and people wanted to share their opinions. With this in mind, we have gathered all the best reactions here

Some are disoriented by the fragile masculinity of it all.

The embarrassment.

Others want to point out that Wiz is an adult man. [19659017] A mess

The gag is that homophobic men are missing.

Homophobes do not deserve tbh bananas.

MNEK's open on how this kind of banana prejudice ruined for him.


Ira used a CupcakKe lyrics "Duck Duck Goose " to create one of the biggest tweets of all

The real men eat bananas

Some people wonder how Wiz would survive on a desert island

Idiocy jumped. 19659009] Some gay men want to eat more bananas now because of this.

We agree with that.

And one or two Wiz fans revealed that he has no problem putting his mouth around other phallic objects.

In addition, the rapper "See You Again" has no problem with banana bread.

In conclusion, stay healthy and do not leave that kind of homopho. Bia influence your diet. Bananas, cucumbers, eggplants – eat what you like. Life is too short for this bullshit.

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