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Wizards write another chapter of this season's frustration story

Bradley Beal reacted to John Wall in the second half of Washington's game against the Orlando Magic on Friday night. (Kim Klement-USA Today Sports)

ORLANDO – That's what frustration looks like.

John Wall watches a three-point pointer slip through the net and slump his shoulders.

Markieff Morris does not agree with a three-second violation that resulted in a change of direction and provoked an outrage to a public servant.

Bradley Beal turning around and walking away with an empty expression after seeing Dwight Howard lose a possession.

On Friday night, Washington Wizards body language told the story of the team's 117-108 loss to Orlando Magic. The wizards seemed frustrated. With the sloppy moments that created 29 points for the reversals of Magic off. With the refereeing, it resulted in two free throws for an attacking goalkeeper. And most importantly, they looked frustrated with each other.

Their sighs and moans may seem silent, but grow after bad defensive possessions. Washington left the Magic from the arc of three points in the first half for eight attempts on 15 attempts.

The way they look at each other when someone makes a mistake can be fleeting, but these dead-eyed expressions become the official face of wizards.

"I think we have to stay out of all the negative activities that are going on," said forward Jeff Green. "Concentrate on the things we can control and, as I said, it's energy and effort. And if we continue to do that, I think we'll come out of this hole. "

The problem is that the Wizards show the energy, effort and chemistry of a team of 2 to 9 players and that the hole they have dug is only getting worse.

After the game, Green spoke for a long time while sharing his thoughts on the body language of the team.

"It's just negative energy in the air. Can we control it? Yes. How can we get out? Move on to the next room, "said Green. "It's so much frustration and I think we allow it, but we have been promising today. We fought. For me, it's something we can move on from tomorrow. "

It is true that the Wizards have reduced the gap to 106-105, while it remained only 2:30 after 25 points in advance – a positive sign for a desperate team – the star guards have spent their legs catching up to catch up.

"It's never good. I mean, you're wasting all your energy, "said Wall after the Wizards' second straight game in which they had to come out of a deficit of more than 20 points. "At the end of the game, [the opponents’] the legs are good. They are capable of making difficult shots, even though we had a great opportunity to look good. "

Beal and Wall recorded 42 minutes the first night of a back – to – back game simply because the Wizards were so in need of a win and as coach Scott Brooks had an alignment, n '' s. any alignment, showing signs of pulse.

The group formed by Wall, Beal and Austin Rivers – who becomes the best defender against the team – Kelly Oubre Jr. and Green have created interceptions, scored on the break and found their goal of three points (4 of 8). beyond the bow). However, after Wall managed to draw wizards to a quarter point, consecutive defensive blunders led to Orlando's decisive run.

Although Wall mentioned the inconvenience of chasing after the match, he did not blame fatigue for his three hits at the end of the game.

While Wall took the responsibility of bypassing his basic player, who followed DJ Augustine's triplet back with 2:11 to play, he was adamant that he did not receive any call on his next attempt.

The Magic Center Nikola Vucevic is not known to be a firing blocker, but he was credited with stuffing Disk Wall. Not so, says Wall. Vucevic stumbled and Wall noted after the match that the moment was still bothering him.

"I just feel it's amazing to me that I drive so much to the basket and I have the right to shoot two free throws," said Wall. "I always have an excuse to attack the basket, but when it comes to all the other players in this league, it seems to me that it's never like that."

As he dressed in front of his stand, Wall's frustration began to fester.

"Vucevic has tripped me," said Wall, then repeated a conversation that he had with an official. And he said, "I did not see him stumble. You just missed the lay-up. & # 39; … Do not get me wrong. If it's an excellent defense, I'll give credit to the guys. But it's amazing how I attack the basket and I only get two free throws. I am not a jump shooter. I can make shots. I do, sometimes. But it's frustrating because you look and see some guys, who are they? Or what are they doing to receive these calls? So, it's always an excuse with me.

After being let go about the officials, Wall was asked to feel that his teammates were frustrated with each other. Wall denied him, but as he continued to expose his point of view, his words implied heightened frustration.

"No, we're just trying to keep everyone standing, to stay positive," Wall said. "We just have to come over there and compete. That's all you can do. One thing is already said, you can not preach or teach the effort and the heart. You have to go and do that. Until we find everyone in this locker room (…) who want to engage in this defensive position, it starts with me and everyone, we will stay in this hole.

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