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On Friday night, a wolf was shot near Moi in Lund municipality. This is stated by Arve Aarhus, leader of the damage control team for predators.

The felling permit was granted on 8 October.

At 9.30 pm on Friday night, a hunting team moved out after a report of a wolf hunting sheep on pasture not far from Moi.

At 23.08 the wolf was shot.

Thought it was a big dog

Farmer Odd Magne Hamre was one of those who saw the wolf before he was shot. Friday night he took the car to look for a sheep that could not be out grazing with the others.

SAW WOLF: – At first glance I thought it was a big dog, says Odd Magne Hamre.

Photo: Mathias Oppedal / NRK

He got a bit of an experience when he saw what he first thought was a big dog in front of him in the road.

– I was completely shaken. It was a big animal, says Hamre, who calls the event a memory for life.

17 years ago last

Korkje Hamre or Aarhus was part of the hunting team. Aarhus is the leader of the damage reduction team, a collaboration between several municipalities.

It is not common to see wolves in Rogaland, nor is it common with wolf hunting. Last time it was shot a wolf in the county was February 22, 2003. At that time, we had not had a wolf in Rogaland since the end of the 19th century.

Arve Aarhus

Arve Aarhus.

Photo: Mathias Oppedal / NRK

– It is very special, says Aarhus.

– The area is known for having a lot of sheep. Large predators should not be in such areas during the grazing season. That is why a felling permit is granted, he explains.

This summer, wolves have been seen several times in both Rogaland and Agder. Several injuries to animals have also been reported. Therefore, the County Governor of Rogaland opened for wolf hunting from 8 to 21 October.

The background for the felling permit was the discovery of two killed lambs earlier this autumn. The lamb was found in an area by Sirdalsvatnet on the border with Agder.

Wolf shot near Moi in Lund in Rogaland

TO TRONDHEIM: The wolf that was shot now belongs to the Norwegian Environment Agency, and will be sent to Trondheim. On Saturday morning, the carcass was on its way to Lund.

Photo: Mathias Oppedal / NRK

There are both roads and dwellings in the area where the wolf was shot, but Aarhus will not characterize it as a densely populated area.

The wolf that was shot on Friday will be taken care of by the Norwegian Environment Agency. In between, samples will be taken of the wolf to find out which wolves he is related to. The corpse will be sent to Trondheim.

Felling permit this summer

Also in 2003, the wolf was killed in the south of the county, near Krossmoen south of Egersund. Genetic analyzes then showed that three wolves had been on the move on the border between Agder and Rogaland in the months before the felling.

Wolf at Krossmoen in Eigersund, February 2003

17 YEARS AGO: The last time wolves were shot in Rogaland was in February 2003.

Photo: Anne Lise Indrefjord / NRK

Since then, wolves have been seen around the county border several times, among others in Sirdal 2013, then it too was granted a felling permit.

Also in July, a felling permit was granted for a wolf in the area, then by the County Governor in Agder. Then the background was a killing lamb on the Agder side.

The same wolf had probably killed another lamb and injured two sheep in Sirdal.

Killed wolf by wolf in Sirdal.

IN SIRDAL: A lamb The Norwegian Nature Conservation Authority was killed by a wolf in Sirdal in Agder this summer.

Photo: Statens naturoppsyn

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