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Woman accused of murder: – She is in shock

In a shocking incident in Vindafjord, a dead man in his 60s was found out at a private address on Sunday night. A woman in her 40s has been charged with murder, but denies any involvement in the crime. The police were notified of the case early on Sunday morning and found evidence at the scene that led to the arrest and charging of the woman. There is a familial relationship between the accused and the deceased, according to police attorney Christine Kleppa. The accused denies criminal guilt, with her defense attorney stating that she claims to have nothing to do with the death. The woman was questioned on Sunday evening and the investigation continues. Both the accused and deceased have no criminal history. The incident has shocked the community, with the municipality setting up a crisis team to support the next of kin.

WOMAN ACCUSED: Forensic technicians arrived at the address on Sunday afternoon.

HAUGESUND (VG) On the night of Sunday, the police found a dead man in his 60s at a private address in Vindafjord. A woman in her 40s has been charged with murder. She denies criminal guilt.


There is a familial relationship between the accused and the deceased, police attorney Christine Kleppa tells VG.

– Findings at the scene led to the police arresting and charging a woman, the police write in a press release.

They were notified of the case at 04:00 on the night of Sunday.

– The accused denies that she has anything to do with the death, says Kleppa.

The police will not go into more detail about what the woman has explained.

The woman denies criminal guilt, says defense attorney Erik Lea.

– She is totally dismissive of the charge, she claims that she has nothing to do with this at all, says Lea.

He says the woman is having a hard time.

– She is in shock and quite upset.

Lea states that the woman was questioned until around 10.45pm on Sunday evening, and that the questioning will continue today.

LAWYER: Erik Lea has been appointed as the woman’s defender. The picture was taken in connection with another matter.

Several have been done seizureseizureWhen the police seize something, it means that the police take the object and keep it until further notice. at the scene, but the police will not yet say what this is about.

Kleppa confirms to VG that neither the accused woman nor the deceased man has a criminal history.

The deceased lived at the address.

– It is too early to say anything about the course of events, says Kleppa.

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VINDAFJORD: The deceased lived at the address himself. Police are working at the scene on Sunday afternoon.

The accused notified himself

On Sunday afternoon, the police are still at the scene. The address is blocked.

– There is no information that there were others present at the address. But it is early in the investigation and we are not ruling anything out, says Kleppa.

Medical personnel pronounced the man dead at the scene.

– Accused notified A.M.CA.M.CEmergency medical communication center (AMK). self. AMK notified the police, says Kleppa.

The municipality has connected a crisis team

Windfjord is located on Haugalandet in the north of Rogaland county. The municipality has around 8,700 inhabitants.

– It is terribly sad, we have the strongest sympathy for all parties here. There are incidents like this that we didn’t think would happen here, says mayor Ole Johan Vierdal (Sp) to VG.

He says the municipality has connected a crisis team that works to look after the next of kin.

VG has also spoken to a neighbor of the deceased, who says that the news was a shock.

– We think it is terribly sad.


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