Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Woman asks why she is becoming obsessed with her – sparking fiery debate

Dating is a total minefield finding someone who is the same wavelength as you can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

One woman says she's happy with her life and is looking for someone to share a family.

The only issue is, when she goes on the dates of the day, she meets the act of being too keen and "obsessed" with her which is a turn off.

Taking to Mumsnet to ask why this is happening to her, she wrote: "This is going to sound vain, could never admit this IRL.

"Every man I meet for a date ends up obsessing over me.

She's looking for someone to have a family

"I'm fed up." I'm not a supermodel! Im 34, generally attractive I guess, but nothing out of the ordinary.

"I am very good at conversation and can engage with people quite quickly.

"I like my own space but desperately want to settle down and have a family".

The woman explained that she is always desperate to see her again, then want to make it exclusive fast – mentioning that she does not sleep with them.

"I feel fed up, just want to meet a sensitive, nice man who I am also into."

Her post sparked heated discussion

Her post sparked some fiery debate on why this is, with some people criticizing her for assuming people are "obsessed".

One of the reasons for doing so is not enough, but it is a fact of life that you will not be disappointed. There really is not. "

Another wrote: "You're right, it does not sound good."

Others think it is unfair to slam the woman for simply saying she is so attractive.

The woman is "fed up" with the people she meets

"Great fellowship," he said with a sarcastic emoji.

People suggest that they feel so connected with her because she is approachable and good at making conversation with the same thing happens to them.

Some suggested that these are not the guys for her: "You've probably just gotten in. I was like this, until I met my partner and it was not annoying".


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