Friday, 16 Nov 2018

Woman horrified to discover her photo being used as the 'before' image in a weight loss advert

Actress and comedian Celeste Barber loves sharing weird and wonderful pictures online.

The Australian has made a name for herself. She has a lot of fun.

People share her hilarious pictures all the time.

A Twitter user informed Celeste that a company selling weight loss products were using her photos as part of their marketing.

Celeste Barber
Celeste is known for her parody photos of celebrity pictures

The advert was for adhesive slimming patches being sold on Shopping Wish.

It featured an image of a leaning over a bath.

Underneath it is another one of her parody photos – this one also in her underwear, attempting to seduce a man.

The man clearly looks unimpressed and rejects her advances.

An eagle-eyed shopper spotted the ad online

This is a racy image of Naomi Campbell and Skepta doing a similar shoot for British GQ.

An eagle-eyed shopper spotted the ad and messaged Celeste, saying, "Did you know some company on Wish Shopping is using your psyche? I love how funny your photos are but I figured you should know! "

Outraged, the 36-year-old immediately tweeted.

She wrote: "Hey @WishShopping what's this all about? You can not use my photos especially to sell body shaming products."

Celeste was not impressed with the advert

Since then the slimming patches have been taken down.

Celeste's followers were also angered by the advert and took the time to share their feelings.

One said: "I would look into suing them."

Another commented: "That's appalling!"

A third added: "I'm so disgusted!"


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