Woman Raped on Train in US, Passenger Even Recording Pages all

PHILADELPHIA, KOMPAS.com – Police in Philadelphia, USA, investigated the news that the train passengers actually recorded an incident of rape that happened to a woman.

The Southeast Philadelphia Transportation Authority (SEPTA) said a witness pointed his cell phone at the time the victim was raped instead of calling 911.

The incident reportedly occurred on a transit train on the Market-Frankford line leading to the town of Upper Darby.

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“I can say that someone deliberately pointed the cellphone at the victim when he was attacked,” said SEPTA Police Chief Thomas J Nestel III Monday (10/18/2021).

Authorities say they have arrested Fiston Ngoy, who they blame for raping the SEPTA train.

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Ngoy, who is a homeless person, was charged with rape and assault. He is being held on bail of US$180,000 (Rp 2.5 billion).

In a press conference, Nestel said that at the time of the incident there were a number of passengers who were in the same carriage as the victim.

However, there are no 911 calls in Philadelphia. So police confirmed whether the emergency call was made in Delaware County, one of the train stops.

The attack only came to light after one of SEPTA’s employees saw it. The officers responded three minutes after the officer’s report.

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“We want the public to feel angry, disgusted and help build a system that is safe for all,” explains Nestel.

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Therefore, he called on the public to notify law enforcement if they see any strange occurrences.

Based on the detention affidavit, Ngoy and the victim boarded the North Philadelphia stop, and sat down next to the victim at 9:15 p.m. local time.

The 35-year-old man started raping the victim in about 40 minutes, when the victim repeatedly pushed him away.

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As soon as SEPTA employees reported the incident, officers waiting at the stop entered the carriage and saw the rape, and arrested her.

SEPTA described the incident as a barbaric criminal act, and pity the passengers who did nothing.

According to the transportation manager, passengers should have called the police via 911 or pushed the emergency button to brake.

“Someone else was on board. They could have stopped the crime quicker via 911,” SEPTA was quoted as saying NBC News.

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