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A resident of Tver Vera, self-medicating from COVID-19 based on the advice of popular TV shows, contracted the coronavirus and lost her health. This is reported by the edition “Gazeta.Ru».

Doctors always warn people against self-medication, including during a pandemic. But despite all the recommendations, people continue to independently choose drugs for the prevention of coronavirus infection and its treatment.

According to medical statistics, all this leads to the development of chronic diseases and the formation of gastritis, renal failure and skin ailments.

Vera, 36, a resident of Tver, having decided to protect herself from COVID-19, took advice from Elena Malysheva, who noted that it is useful to take vitamin D.

“I bought vitamin tablets and drank them all the time. “, – said the interlocutor in an interview with reporters.

As a result, the woman developed a rash, a constant desire to drink, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, constipation and a feeling of nausea. But Vera attributed everything to hormonal changes.

She soon learned that she had contracted the coronavirus. Despite mild symptoms, the woman insisted on hospitalization. At the hospital, doctors discovered that she had serious kidney problems. After questioning, it became clear that this was the result of self-medication.

Due to the excessive intake of vitamin D, she developed symptoms of kidney failure, which was quickly taken advantage of by COVID-19. After the necessary course of treatment, the woman went on the mend, but now she is obliged to follow a strict diet.


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