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Woman Who Smeared Industrial Glue On Her Hair Finally Regains Her Happiness Tessica Brown, from the United States, applied the substance to her hair to “set” it. A month after making that mistake, she underwent an operation to remove the glue.

In recent days, the news spread like wildfire of an American woman who, in the absence of hair fixative, used a strong, permanent and moisture-resistant glue. The youtuber Tessica Brown, 40, never imagined that this clumsiness would cost her dearly and that it would turn into a nightmare for her scalp. And, after a month of applying the substance to her head, she could not get rid of it either with washes or with visits to doctors.

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The one known as ‘Gorilla glue woman’, by the brand of the product, told on her TikTok account all the ordeal she had suffered due to the serious mistake.

Tessica Brown underwent a complicated procedure to remove the adhesive from her hair.

Fortunately, her story reached the ears of Dr. Michael Obeng from Los Angeles, who decided to help the influencer. The specialist offered a free surgery valued at $ 12,500 to remove the adhesive, which was designed to fix furniture and floors.

Tessica traveled from Louisiana to the clinic to undergo the complicated and time-consuming procedure in which the hardened glue was removed.

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Dr. Obeng used a medical solvent, aloe vera, olive oil and acetone to save what was left of the woman’s hair.

Dr. Obeng removed the adhesive for free. Youtube Photocapture

According to some media, including TMZ, the removal of the glue was a success, although before the youtuber had to cut the long braid she was wearing.

Now Tessica has her happiness back and enjoys simply running her hands through her new short hair.

The brand of glue used by the influence has already issued a statement regretting what happened, but advising that its spray adhesive should not be used on hair.

However, Tessica assumed it was real hairspray after noting that it didn’t have the spray that another brand of hair product usually uses.

Tessica used different methods to remove the glue, but none worked for her. Youtube Photocapture

The woman is considering suing the company for the incident, as she assures that the label of the adhesive only says that it is not applied to the eyes, skin or clothing, but that nothing is mentioned about the hair, something that she has regarded as misleading.


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