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Woman whose husband received aggravated life: I lied, I suffer remorse

In 2010, Fatma Gökçeli, a 64-year-old Alzheimer’s patient, disappeared at night from the house of her son Yakup Gökçeli, who was on 543 street in Şehit Mustafa Yağız Mahallesi, where she lived together. According to the allegation, Güllü Gökçeli, who saw that her mother-in-law was not in the bed where she was lying on the balcony, awakened her husband Yakup Gökçeli and said that her mother was not at home. Yakup Gökçeli, who informed his other relatives in the morning, went to the police the same day and applied for a disappearance after searching his mother for a while with his own means. No trace of the missing woman was found in the meantime. In 2013, Yakup Gökçeli and Güllü Gökçeli participated in a program on a television channel and said that their mother was missing. Also at that time, Dursun Taş, the daughter of the missing woman, told him, “My mother was staying at my brother’s house. She knows how she disappeared. Maybe they did something bad”, the police searched the house where the old woman lived and the wells around her. However, no trace of Fatma Gökçeli was found. Upon this allegation, Yakup Gökçeli and his wife Güllü Gökçeli were detained in the same year.

In his statement, Güllü Gökçeli said, “My wife said that I would take her mother to the hospital by putting her in the car at night. She came home alone in the morning. When I asked her mother, I don’t have a mother anymore, I don’t say anything to anyone”.

Gökçeli, who was imprisoned for 21 days, was then released. As a result of the trial, no trace of her mother’s body could be found and a verdict of acquittal was given for the lack of evidence. However, after the Supreme Court overturned the acquittal decision, a new lawsuit was filed against Yakup Gökçeli in 2019. In the trial this time Osmaniye The High Criminal Court sentenced Yakup Gökçeli to aggravated life imprisonment for the crime of “deliberately killing a relative with an upper ancestry”.

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Güllü Gökçeli, whose husband was arrested and sent to prison a month ago, said that he gave false testimony about his wife in 2013 and suffered remorse due to this sentence, saying, “I never went to the police station in my life. It was the first time I was in custody for 3 days. For this reason, I had to give that statement that caused him to be punished for my wife. I lied. Now I have remorse. Yakup Gökçeli has no guilt in this incident. He is jailed for nothing, “he said.

The other son of the missing woman, Yusuf Gökçeli, who said in her aunt’s testimony that it was obvious that her mother was taken away and disappeared by Yakup Gökçeli on the 1st day of the feast in 2010, said: “I slept in the same house in Kadirli with my wife and my mother. It is clear from here that Güllü Gökçeli gave false statements at that time. Checking my phone records, I was with my mother. Also, this file was not prosecuted 3 times. My brother Yakup Gökçeli himself objected to this decision. My brother Yakup Gökçeli himself objected to the decision of non-prosecution to the high criminal court. My mother has always called her. My mother has not been found so far, but my brother has been sentenced. We are waiting for help from our minister of justice.

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