Women have to walk around the house in skirts, wash dishes: Rēzija Kalniņa expresses the opinion that wives should be hearths – Celebrities

“I really like the Russian saying ‘zamužem’. I’m behind my husband. I’m about how the Bible says: husbands, love your wives, and wives, be obedient to your husbands. How can wives be disobedient to love?” – Kalniņa reveals in an interview.

She also commented on the situation offered by Stalbe that a man should prepare himself to eat while a woman is busy with her profession.

“It must not be done! Women have to walk around the house in a skirt, they have to vibrate her whole field, the kitchen is her, they have to wash the dishes definitely for the woman, because she also vibrates the energy. She has to burn candles. , “the opinion expressed by the actress.

Kalniņa also revealed how she is able to get away from the roles she played in the theater: “If my husband is hungry, then what kind of queen of England? I have to make food. husband. It’s something beautiful, it’s something tidy. As Ziedonis said, “Happiness is the order of all things.” And a wife must be a wife and a husband must be a husband. “

The actress added that her home with her husband, conductor Ainārs Rubiķis, also has divided areas. “For example, Ainars is perfectly familiar with our insanely complicated washing machine and tumble dryer when she’s not home. I don’t go there. The kitchen is my territory. The stove is a woman’s territory.”


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