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“Women need to know their bodies better”

A start-up with a special mission, that’s how you can describe ‘Guud Woman’. Founders Morgane Leten and Jan Deruyck started their own line of nutritional supplements in March 2020 that combines the best active and natural ingredients to improve the menstrual cycle. They are successful in Belgium and therefore look beyond our national borders. Next on the horizon? New York.

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Enough of the grain

Mrs. Guud started in Morgane. When she married John, she decided to stop taking the pill. “I had enough of all these artificial hormones. I waited and waited for my period, but it never came. I got acne and major mood swings again. A visit to the gynecologist made it clear that I was have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), a hormonal disorder that ensures that your eggs do not grow large enough to mature, so that you do not ovulate and therefore do not ovulate. No ovulation means no period, it also reduces the chance of pregnancy.” The gynecologist did not have a solution for Morgane’s problem, so he went looking for her on his own. “I trained to be a Nutrition and Fertility Expert, and found out that a healthy lifestyle combined with the right supplements can have a positive impact on your sugar.”

Three pillars

Mrs. Guud rests on three pillars, explains Morgane and Jan. “Guud Woman is for women who want to support their menstrual cycle through knowledge, support and supplements. If you want to stop taking the pill, we help you with these different help channels.” They offer knowledge and support through personal and expert chat functions. Then the supplements can contribute to a healthy cycle.

“Many women who take the pill think they have a menstrual cycle. At some point during the month they start bleeding, but that’s not without a period, it’s ‘withdrawal’. The pill is specifically designed to give you the illusion that you’re having a cycle. In fact, synthetic hormones are responsible for this bleeding every month, which does not even come from ovulation at all,” they explain. Because you stop taking the pill during your gap week, these artificial hormones drop and you lose blood.

Research on women’s health does not exist.

– Morgane Leten and Jan Deruyck, founders of Guud Woman

Initially, it was intended that women would go on the pill, but because many women suffer from depression, they put a week off. “The pill is prescribed to young women to solve cases that can be treated differently. Unfortunately, women do not know these other solutions and are left alone.”

Food supplements

The menstrual cycle consists of many more phases than just periods when you bleed. By paying close attention to these preceding periods, you can reduce complaints such as fatigue. How? By adopting a balanced lifestyle. “If you drink beer every weekend, smoke cigarettes and sleep little, our nutritional supplements will not solve menstrual pain. Food supplements add what is missing in your diet.” They illustrate this with an example: “An orange in 1920 is not the same as an orange in 2020. You have to eat eight oranges today to get the same nutritional value.”

John also takes nutritional supplements. “Yes, they were originally created for women, but there are so many positive substances in them that I take them myself. They help me focus and give me energy. After all, men also have a cycle,” says John.

Men’s cycle

“A man’s cycle lasts 24 hours and is based on testosterone, a woman’s cycle lasts 28 days and is based on estrogen and progesterone. We live in a society based entirely on this male cycle: the testosterone level is very high in the morning, at 5:00 it is very low and we are tired, so we go home.” With a woman it is completely different. “It is that’s why it’s so important for women to get to know their bodies and listen to their needs. It will change you positively in every way,” they say.

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