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“Women of 20 and 22 rang the bell at my door but …”

It didn’t take long for Julien’s experience to bear fruit. “A day later, I had about seven people on the phone. They told me that they too had trouble getting to know new people during the Covid period, ”he explained to Het Laatste Nieuws at the time.

“The sign has since been removed,” the 68-year-old retiree now explains to our colleagues from the Flemish daily. “Out of all the phone calls I received, I was able to get an appointment. I ended up doing a number of ballads with this lady. It didn’t seem appropriate at the time to leave this sign in place, so I removed it. My contact with this woman has since dissipated. “

Julien also experienced a little mishap that did not have bad repercussions. “One day, two women rang at my door. They had read the article and wanted to keep me company. Only, they were 20 and 22 year old girls. Sorry ladies, but you are too young, ”I pointed out to them. “They then asked me for 400 euros to return to Antwerp. “

Apart from this incident, Julien never had the feeling that he was being taken advantage of. Several isolated people have telephoned him for company. “Talking on the phone really made me feel good. I noticed that after a while the phone stopped ringing. Perhaps the relaxation of anti-Covid measures had something to do with it. In the meantime, the measures have relaxed and the retiree was able to obtain his Covid Safe Ticket.

And now ? Although no relationship has resulted from his initiative, he does not give up! “I didn’t really know what to expect. It could have been better, but also worse. In any case, I do not regret it. Who knows, I might put it back soon. The sign is still there, in my drawer. “


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