Women's Football World Cup: a village to welcome fans in the heart of Paris


"A festive and family venue, at the height of this great event that is the FIFA Women's World Cup …" Jean-Fran├žois Martins, deputy mayor responsible for sports in Paris, does not lack ambitions. Including in terms of inheritance, since four currently tarred grounds (in the 14e, the 17thethe 18the and the 19the) are being transformed.

In September, the city will mainly organize activities geared towards women's football so that the girls who live in these neighborhoods will take over these new spaces little by little. And, "like boys", think that it is also possible to play football at the bottom of their buildings.

A "village fan experience" open every day

Regarding the women's football World Cup, which will take place from June 7 to July 7 in France, the city of Paris has decided to create a "village fan experience", which will be open every day of the match (not only those who take place at the Parc des Princes), from 2 pm to 11.30 pm, in Les Halles, in the heart of the capital.

Two poles will be dedicated to women's football: one located under the Canopy, the other on the forecourt. "We feel that there is a real craze around the competition and the idea is to welcome people – Parisians and tourists – throughout the day, continues Jean-Francois Martins. We wanted to find a site capable of bringing together a large number of people and which is also a place of passage, so as to make visitors aware of the subject of women's football. "

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For a month, it is under the beautiful Canopy that lovers of women's football will meet at "fun, cultural and sports" events, designed to promote the discipline. A football field five against five will organize tournaments, women's football but also blind. A big women's e-sport tournament is also planned.

In the afternoon, the "village" (and not the "fans zone", so) will offer various activities: table football, ping-pong, sports activities on the playground … A large relaxation area, with sun loungers, will be also installed.

An eco-responsible village

If at the Euro 2016, the city of Paris had installed a huge screen in the heart of the Champ de Mars, this time there are several screens that will watch the meetings. "We are more in the village spirit, with a concept of people who will circulate and stop where they want," says the elected.

The site will also host a catering area "responsible, social and solidarity. Just like at the Olympics in 2024, the city of Paris will apply its eco-responsible charter: the remaining edible products will be redistributed to food banks, and devices to reduce the ecological footprint will be deployed.


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