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Wonder Woman disembarks at the mall in the first-look images & # 39; WW84: Live updates from Comic-Con 2018, Day 3

Welcome to the third day of Comic-Con! It's our biggest day yet for two major reasons.

First, the Warner Bros. panel. will update the great DC Comics movies – Wonder Woman1984 Aquaman and Shazam – as well as Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part . Following this panel, ET will be on the red carpet with all your favorite superheroes / magicians / legos.

Next, the next big event of the day is back-to-back interviews with the cast of Riverdale's actors . We will be live with the first half of the distribution at 18:45 ET / 15:45 PT and again with the rest of the stars at 19:45 ET / 16:45 PT. Watch live here or on YouTube.

Other highlights to note: a panel Deadpool 2 with Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Bell and Ted Danson at The Good Place panel . We will also be live in our studio with all the heroes of The CW, including Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and The Flash.

Keep refreshing this page for all live updates directly from San Diego and watch live on YouTube!

First & # 39; Shazam! & # 39; Trailer is like & # 39; Big & # 39; Superman – Watch it now!

12:04 PM:

Zachary Levi showed Hall H how you imagine his alter-ego superhero, Shazam, could: with a beer. "Jason Momoa gave me this Guinness," he told the audience. "I'm having a good day!"

And why not? Levi is the new hero to enter the extended DC universe and was here at Comic-Con – with his young co-stars, Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer, and director David F. Sandberg – to debut the first band – announcement of the film. Get to know Billy Batson, an orphan who bounces around foster families and is harassed by bullies … until he meets a wizard and inherits the ability to transform himself in superheroes, Shazam. It is awkward – and seems to know it – and full of action and certainly a change from the dark and cruel DC you know.

Now, the big question: how would Shazam fend for Superman? "By cannon, Captain Marvel, Shazam, is one of the only characters who could walk with the Supes," Levi vowed himself

– John Boone

  Gal Gadot, Wond Wonder Woman 1984

Warner Bros. Productions.

& # 39; Wonder Woman & # 39; lands at the mall in a first-look sequence

11:48 AM:

Wonder Woman is back and heads to the 80s.

Stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, along with the director Patty Jenkins, took the stage during Warner Bros. Saturday's Hall H group showed everything it could about following up on the original story of 2017.

Unlike most sequels, Wonder Woman 1984 will present a decade-long leap, catching with Diana Prince in a world radically different from the set of the first film of the First World War. The first-look photos showed the character of Gadot and Pine in the more modern setting – a bit odd, considering that the fans really saw Pine's plane explode at the end of the first film Wonder Woman .

"I'm just an aura of emotional support for my friends," Pine told the crowd when asked about his participation in the Saturday panel. But he remained silent on the how and why of Steve Trevor appearing in 1984 . "No, I can not tell you."

"It's something that I'm super excited [for people] to see the movie to find out," Jenkins jokes. "It's a very important part of our movie."

The band also screened exclusive footage from the WW84 for the panel – a feat that Jenkins called "crazy" as the sequel is only a few weeks in production. "We should not even show anything."

In the clip, fans had a glimpse of Wonder Woman flying through the air and landing in a mall, very clearly in the 80s, judging by the fashion and shopping center. .

"Oh my God," says a girl, spotting her hero

"Hold on," Wonder Woman answers, as she slips the little girl across the floor in a giant stuffed toy. Then a lot of action while the titular hero dismantles the wicked, shouting their weapons with his hands, and lassoing with his golden lasso of truth.

Then the logo "WW84" appears, followed by a photo of Wonder Woman running very fast – through the streets. That's all for the moment! No sign of Kristen Wiig's cheetah … for the moment

– Meredith B. Kile and John Boone

The monsters break in the first "Godzilla: Trailer of the King of Monsters "

11:31 AM:

Millie Bobby Brown has more to fear than the Demogorgon. The star Stranger Things was in Hall H alongside Vera Farmiga, O. Shea Jackson Jr., Thomas Middleditch and director Michael Dougherty to start the trailer of Godzilla: The King of Monsters . (And for a lengthy discussion of Godzilla's "doodle", mainly thanks to Middleditch.)

"We had neck problems because we were always looking so high," says Brown of the difference between Godzilla and the Demogorgon. The film also reveals three new massive monsters: Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah, as they are unleashed on the world.

Farmiga explained that she plays a Monarch scientist in the film, studying to see if humans and monsters can "peacefully". coexist. "From Projected Images – Godzilla Breathing Fire, Mothra Deploying Her Wings – It Seems the Answer to be a Resounding No

– John Boone

The Historic Character of" Harry Potter & Made his debut at New Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's Crimes Trailer

11:25 AM:

The Franchise Fantastic Beasts dates back to the beginning.

During Warner Bros. Hall H presentation on Saturday morning, Eddie Redmayne and her cast – including Jude Law, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, Callum Turner, Zoë Kravitz, Claudia Kim – debuted the new trailer of The Crimes of Grindelwald presenting the beginnings of the character of Harry Potter and the Witch

Wizards and witches, muggle and no-mag, meet Nicolas Flamel

The last look on the The Fantastic Beasts and O Finding them follows transports the story to Paris, where Albus Dumbledore (Law) instructs Newt Scamander (Redmayne) to arrest the eponymous villain, Grindelwald (Johnny Depp).

"Every aspect of this film is a geek-out fiasco," Miller, who donned the epic Toadette cosplay in a corset and stockings lingerie, springs. "I mean, Hogwarts ?! Dumbledore?! Nifflers? More nifflers! Give me a break, I could go on."

We also see the young Newt studying at Hogwarts, the return of Miller Credence Barebone, many shots of the Eiffel Tower, a very intriguing magical circus and, of course, many animals of fantastic variety.

– John Boone

  Johnny Depp Comic-Con 2018

CHRIS DELMAS / AFP / Getty Images

Johnny Depp makes a surprise appearance in costume during the panel "Fantastic Beasts"

11:01 AM:

The Last Opus of the Franchise Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Focuses on Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) and Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law ) tries to thwart the ugly pursuits of Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp), and the dark wizard himself makes an appearance in the Warner Bros. Room. H panel Saturday when Depp surprised the fans, appearing in his signature blond blonde hair and black trench.

"My sisters, my friends, the great gift of your applause is not for me, but for you" says, in the scary cadence of the character, asking the audience to applaud again, for themselves.

– Meredith B. Kile

  Ezra Miller Comic-Con 2018

CHRIS DELMAS / AFP / Getty Images

Ezra Miller's Cosplay Toadette debuts the Warner Bros. panel. in Epic Fashion

10:51 AM:

The Distribution of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald took the stage in Hall H The Warner Group's War Shot Bros took place on Saturday, but it's Ezra Miller who stole the show first, rocking an epic Toadette cosplay set, with a pink mushroom headdress and lingerie stockings!

– Meredith B. Kile

The Flash & # 39; Cast teases New Season 5 Big Bad says Barry and Iris' relationship is "firm"

10:11 AM:

Before the CW Marathon superhero panels on Saturday night, the cast of The Flash – Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Jessica Parker-Kennedy, Hartley Sawyer and Danielle Nicolet – have been flat on all things speedster in their fifth season to come, including how Barry (Gustin) and Iris (Patton) are preparing to deal with the introduction of their future-girl, Nora (Parker-Kennedy).

"What's great about this season is that Iris and Barry are consistent," commented Patton. "No relationship-wise problem."

"It's great," Gustin agreed. "We have the impression that all the family problems will be related to our arrival [Nora’s] They are really great now."

But of course, it would not be a superhero show without a big bad guy, and although fans will have to wait The Flash Saturday night panel to learn more about the threat this season, the actors were able to reveal some details.

"I think it will be really scary," promises Panabaker.

"It's a really interesting cast," added Gustin, while Patton noted that the big bad guy was not a speedster this time around. "We had a teaser for him that was to be aired at the end of last season, we show it at the beginning of this season, it's a nice little segment."

And there are still more surprises to come! "I have a new thing that really excites me, but I do not have the right yet to talk about it," Gustin joked. "But that has made this season really exciting and fun for me, you'll know it soon."

– Meredith B. Kile

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