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Caption: Gal Gadot as Linnet Ridgeway Doyle in a new filming of the famous detective Agatha Christie Death on the Nile

PHOTO / VIDEO The Israeli beauty Gal Gadot (35), whom we know mainly as Wonder Woman, has been having quite a lot of problems communicating with her fans lately. It started with a bit of a bitter video from March of this year, when she sang Lennon’s Imagine from a warm room with a few other celebrities. Trouble like clouds, and a shower of criticism swept over the entire group of singers. Another batch of critical voices came a few days ago, when she happily announced to the world that she had been given the role of Cleopatra in a forthcoming feature film by Paramount.

In March, when the whole world was facing the first wave of coronavirus, Gal Gadot, with the help of his friends and friends from the big world of film celebrities, tried to comfort the common people with John Lennon’s songs Imagine. For example, Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornana, Natalia Portman, Jimmy Fallon, Leslie Odoma Jr., Zoë Kravitz, Amy Adams and others have been involved. It turned out a little differently than everyone involved imagined. Some fans were literally horrified, others immediately blamed them for their horrible singing, and were criticized for not telling them about philosophy instead of really helping the affected families, and they all sang in the warmth of their residences. Well, judge for yourself if this whining would lift your spirits as people around you die.

Instead of apologizing for the defense

Some of the performers of this video have long since apologized to their disappointed and often really angry fans, but Gal was silent. Until now. She only commented on this a few days ago in an interview for Vanity Fair, where she was asked what she is saying now, over time, on her controversial video. “Yes, I did, and I can only say that I wanted to do something good and pure, and it didn’t work out,” she added, “Sometimes you try to do a good deed and it just doesn’t work out as a good deed.” a lot of people didn’t take it as an apology, and they commented at the Vanity Fair that Gal Gadot had actually told people, “Take me for who I am.”

Gal then returned to the video in several more posts on Instagram, where she wrote, for example: “I had nothing but good intentions and it came from inside me. I just wanted to send the world some love. ”

Wonder Woman:

Stuntwoman in Fast and Furious

Although Gal Gadot only brought the role of Wonder Woman to the pinnacle of fame, her acting career began much earlier. One of her first major roles was Natanya in Date Night (2010), directed by Twentieth Century Fox. But then came Hollywood and the film series Fast and Furious, where she played the role of Gisela in four sequels. It was a bit of a substitute role, because she was originally supposed to play Bond Girl in one of the Bond games. However, in Fast and Furious, she made full use of her trained body and experience from the Israeli army, where she devoted herself, among other things, to martial arts. She exchanged with director Justin Lin that she would take the role only on the condition that she would not have a doubler. “If you want to have me in your film, I have to be able to do all the stunts myself and I want to have more action scenes!” In the films, we can see that she really enjoyed it, as they say, to the fullest.

Gadot Fast and furious

Gisele Harabo in the action series Fast and Furious; photo Paramount Pictures

White Cleopatra? But yikes! What do you dare!

These days, there has been a rather heated discussion around the Israeli beauty, not only among her fans, but also in the media. When she enthusiastically announced a few days ago that she had been given the role of Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra, a barrage of dissenting reactions fell on her head. “I wanted to play Cleopatra in the story a long time ago,” Gal Gadot revealed, and it is rumored that making the film was even her idea with which she came to Paramount. She took the help of both Wonder Woman films, Patty Jenkins, and screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis, who has made such films as Terminator: Genisys and Cursed Island. However, it is not enough for critics to be a purely female creative team, which is now a trend, but they blame her for forcing herself into a role that belongs to a black actress. Others don’t like Gal not staying true to his role as Wonder Woman and exchanging his tiara for a royal crown.

Was Cleopatra white or black?

Although Cleopatra was born in Alexandria, Egypt (69 BC), according to historians, she was of Macedonian Greek descent from the famous Ptolemaic family. Her father was King Ptolemy XII. So it is more than clear that she did not have black skin. Yet modern transcribers of history try to apply their theory that it was at least Arabic brown, or even black. Others argue that even though she was white, there is no reason why a pure Egyptian or black actress could not play her. According to these voices, the policy of so-called whitewashing, ie casting white actors in the roles of people of another race or ethnic origin, is applied when choosing the main character of the film. This has been the subject of constant debate recently in America, and of course especially in Hollywood.

There have been many films about Queen Cleopatra and her relationship with Caesar and Marc Antonio, but none have reached such fame as the one with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (1963), who won four Oscars out of nine nominations. According to the first responses, the upcoming film with Gal Gadot can be just as amazing, and the actress herself claims that the film will portray Cleopatra’s story as never before, and the female element will play a major role in it.


White or black? The portrait of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, made by Egyptologist Sally Ann Ashton of the University of Cambridge based on portraits of ancient artifacts, speaks clearly; photo Atlantic Production

Before she became a Wonder Woman

Although Gal Gadot is a native of Tel Aviv, Israel, her family’s roots go back to the former Czechoslovakia. In Israel, she became famous at the age of nineteen for her victory in the Miss Israel competition (2004). She then advanced to the Miss Universe competition, which took place in Ecuador. She later admitted that she didn’t want to win the Miss Universe competition and deliberately ruined something. She was late for rehearsals, deliberately wearing inappropriate clothes, and when the jury asked her a question, she pretended not to understand because she didn’t speak English well. A short career as a model followed, but it did not satisfy her, so she joined the Israeli army, where she worked as a trainer for the defense units. She did sports, exercised and trained her body. And that’s what got her the attention of Hollywood filmmakers.

Gadot Miss Universe 2004

At the Miss Universe competition in 2004; photo repro / youtube.com

In addition to the aforementioned series Fast and Furious, we could see it, for example, in the films Spies Next Door and Batman vs Superman (both 2016), The League of Justice (2017) and many others. So far, her latest films Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie (2020), and especially the most anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), are currently on the ice due to coronavirus. Both of these films were supposed to appear in Czech distribution at the end of December this year, but due to the escalating coronavirus pandemic, it’s all in the stars. In addition, Gal Gadot is to appear in the lead role in the blockbuster League of Justice II in 2025.

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