Woodstock 50th anniversary festival canceled


After several days of uncertainty, Woodstock 50, the festival that was to celebrate fifty years of those three days of peace and love, has been canceled. This was announced by one of the organizers of the event. "We regret that a series of setbacks and unforeseen events made it impossible to organize the festival we imagined," promoter Michael Lang, co-founder of the first Woodstock, said in a statement.

On July 25, the organizers had announced that the concert would take place in Columbia, Maryland, after they were repeatedly denied permission to do so in Vernon, in northern New York State. The first place chosen was Watkins Glen, also in New York, about 230 kilometers from the original site, located in Bethel.

But it did not seem of sufficient size for the ambition of the organizers, who announced 150,000 spectators, while the contracted production company said it was impossible to target more than 65,000. Anyway, they failed to obtain permission to hold the concert in this former Formula 1 circuit, whose owners finally demanded the cancellation of the contract. After the change of location to Maryland, bands and artists such as Jay-Z, John Fogerty and Dead & Company fell off the bill.

To all this we must add the difficulties of financing. The main financial partner of the project, Amplifi Live, withdrew taking the 18 million dollars he had invested. The contracted production company, Superfly, also pulled away, questioning the feasibility of a project that was scheduled to take place between August 16 and 18.

Lang said yesterday that the organization had released all artists from their contractual obligations. Many of them had already received the amount to act.



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