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Wordle, the addictive game, finally in French

Wordle. You can finally spend sleepless nights there, in French.


Wordle. You must have heard about it lately. All the media are talking about it. Wordle here, Wordle there. What is it about ? A little game of letters and words to practice on a free web platform.

Wordle was launched in the fall of 2021 by an American engineer Josh Wardle, hence the name of the game, more or less, to occupy himself at home with his boyfriend when they hardly went out in the midst of a pandemic. For a few days, a few weeks, Wordle got the planet hooked.

If you’ve been on Twitter for a few weeks, you’ve probably come across a tweet, or two, or more, filled with little gray, yellow, and green boxes. And chances are, unless you’ve played Wordle yourself, you might be feeling a bit…lost.

Wordle is a wild success: 90 people were playing it when it was released in November, 300,000 at the start of January, two million last weekend. And these numbers continue to rise. An increase almost as strong as Omicron…

Viral, Wordle, a word game on a web platform, has taken the internet by storm. There is only one word to guess per day. Not one more.

The game, updated daily, is simple: guess a five-letter word in six tries or less.

Each time you insert a word, the platform reacts. She gives you clues. Each tile, each letter changes color:

✅ The tile, the letter goes to vert. The letter is in the right word, and in the right place.

🟨 The tile, the letter goes to the yellow. The letter appears in the word, but it is in the wrong place.

💀 The tile, the letter is grey. The letter does not appear anywhere in the word.

Yes, it’s Mastermind, but with words. And yes, it seems a little Master Word, but with letters. or like Letter Jam, but less dense. Or Enigma, too, but simpler.

Clearly, it’s exactly the same principle as the TV game “Motus« , except on the web.

An easy game? Wait a minute

Although it may seem easy, to spend several mornings a week on it, I can confirm that this is not the case. It takes a hell of a dose of reflection and deduction. Which letter, which vowel, which consonant goes where. And all this in a “limited time” and by following the clues given.

The particularity of Wordle lies in particular in the fact that the game was designed not to be sold to the general public, but simply as a “light” means of entertainment. Josh Wardle, this British engineer residing in New York, has decided not to monetize the game.

Thus, and it is rather rare on the net, no advertising appears on the site. Everything is clean. One word, and that’s it!

Sutom is pretty much Wordle in French

You don’t speak the language of Shakespeare? Or not enough to be able to play, win at Wordle? Never mind. For the past few days, Jonathan Magano, @Jonamaths, computer engineer, adapted Wordle to offer a French version.

And it’s called Sutom. For Motus, but upside down. Since last Saturday therefore, Sutom offers to play exactly like Wordle, but with French words.

On sutom.nocle.fr, as with Wordle, there are six attempts to guess the word of the day.

Sutom, what changes

Unlike its Anglo-Saxon counterpart, the VF offers some differences.

🔡 You have to find a word of 6, 7, 8 or 9 letters. It’s not fixed. Wordle is always 5 letters.

1️⃣ The first letter is given and you must use it for your attempts.

📗 The words are therefore in French. However, they should not expect rare, complicated words. The database is limited to known, common words.

🟥 The right letters in the right place are in rouge, and not in green as in the US version. The other two colors, yellow and gray, do not change.

🎨 The VF look is less… zen than the VO.

Le Mot is Wordle in French

Otherwise, there is also the site https://wordle.louan.me/ which takes up eexactly Wordle’s concept, but in French. And it’s just like wordle, developped by @louanben.

A 5-letter word, 6 attempts, and the same colors as the American version. Question of taste, personally, I prefer this version to that of Sutom.

Some tips

What’s the best five-letter word to start with when trying to solve your daily Wordle or Sutom? There are seed words that confer a statistical advantage because they have a variety of common letters.

The first word is decisive. Use one that incorporates a maximum of distinct letters among those used in the language of the game, English or French.

Also avoid words that are too complicated. with rarer letters.

According to an analysis of all the words used on Wikipedia in French in 2008, the letter E appears most often in French-language words, followed by, in order of recurrence, A, I, S, N, R et T.

So use, in French, a first word of 5 letters like healthy, Health, Here, Senate. Healthy should always be your very first word, since it includes the 5 most recurrent letters in the French language.

In Sutom, you will sometimes have to find a word consisting of more than 5 letters. For 6 letters, then try: Sainte, Insert, Sentir, or, for 7, Natures or Latines.


Do you like games ? Do you like deduction games? Do you like word games? Do you like to start the day by tweaking your neurons when you wake up? Do you like to show off on social networks by showing off your prowess? Then try Wordle or Sutom. Just one day. Only one word. And there is the gear. You might get addicted to this little game.

And when will there be a board game adaptation?

Well I’m leaving you. It’s Saturday morning. I have to attack my first Wordle of the weekend.

👉 The official site to play Wordle online, in English.

👉 The official site to play Wordle online, in French.

👉 The official site to play Sutom online, in French.

Do you play Wordle, or Sutom? Do you have any tips to share? Tell us about it in the comments.

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