Working to establish coronation testing at airports and border crossings – VG

TO BE TESTED ON ARRIVAL: The test centers will be set up at airports, among other places. Photo: Gøran Bohlin

The Norwegian Directorate of Health is working to establish test centers at airports, ports and border crossings.

– We are in collaboration with relevant parties to establish testing at key arrival points such as airports, ports and border crossings, says communications director Trine Melgård in the Norwegian Directorate of Health to NTB.

She can not say when these centers will be established.

Bergen municipality announces on Thursday that a coronation test station will be established at Bergen Airport. The test station will be operated by the Bergen emergency room, which has already started preparations for this.

– There is a need for measures to make testing even more accessible to people arriving from abroad. Therefore, we want to set up a test station at Bergen Airport, Flesland, says City Councilor for the Elderly, Health and Volunteering Beate Husa in a statement on the municipality’s website.

Initially, the pilot scheme will last for one month. During this period, an evaluation and decision on any extension will also be made.

Mayor of Ullensaker: The state must take the bill

Mayor Eyvind Jørgensen Schumacher (Labor Party) in Ullensaker municipality, where Oslo Airport is located, says that the municipality will follow up the advice coming from NIPH.

At the same time, he believes that it is the state, not the municipality, which must bear the costs associated with the new test centers.

– Ullensaker municipality is after all a relatively small municipality with 40,000 inhabitants, which of course at all times needs the resources we have ourselves. Especially in a crisis situation, we do not have the resources at our disposal to take responsibility on our own, says Schumacher and adds:

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– Therefore, it is very important that the state comes on board with the resources needed, both in terms of organization and not least the financial.

The mayor will meet with FHI and Avinor next Monday to discuss coronation testing at Oslo Airport.

Considering several austerity measures

European countries other than Norway are also experiencing an increase in infection. according to VG’s overview About half of the countries in Europe now have a rising infection trend.

The government came on Thursday with new travel advice, which means that four new countries turn red; France, Monaco, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

In addition, Prime Minister Erna Solberg said on Thursday that the government has decided to postpone assessments of green countries outside Europe.

Simultaneously the government is considering further austerity measures.

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