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World Cup 2030: What should Morocco do to position itself?

Infrastructure development, logistics solutions, accommodation… Here are the key aspects on which Morocco should focus to position itself favorably in the race to host the 2030 World Cup, according to the suggestions collected from Moroccans interviewed as part of a survey.

According to a recent survey conducted by Market Insights with a sample of some 1,000 Moroccans, it is clear that the main action to be taken into account to increase the chances of Morocco in the organization of the 2030 World Cup, together with Spain and Portugal, should be. to strengthen road infrastructure. This measure was identified as a priority by 35% of respondents.

Then 25% of the participants mentioned the improvement of sports infrastructure, while 19% stressed the importance of security, and 14% marked the improvement of hotel services.

Among other points to improve, the participants underlined the cleanliness and hygiene of the cities (12%), transport (8%), the diversification of offers and health services (6%), as well as the establishment of a strategy to organize and increase. awareness among citizens (6%).

It should be noted that 34% of respondents did not express an opinion on this topic, which reflects a certain indecision or a lack of preference for certain improvement measures.

Recall that in June, the head of the government, Aziz Akhannouch, presided over, with Fouzi Lekjaa, the first meeting of the organization committee during which various organizational and logistical aspects and the implementation plan were thoroughly examined. , to comply with FIFA requirements. and its specifications.

The head of government affirms that the government is fully committed to supporting the Committee in charge of Morocco’s bid for the World Cup, and will ensure compliance with the required standards. This involves the provision of suitable training sites, accommodation for teams, space for related events, sufficient hotel capacity for supporters, as well as the development of areas reserved for the FIFA Fan Festival (Fan Fest) with the latest models. technological infrastructure, among others.

Regarding sports infrastructure, the president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) announced at the end of this meeting that five stadiums will be renovated and a large stadium will be built in Casablanca. Lekjaa revealed that the stadium in Casablanca will have a capacity of 93,000 spectators. nonetheless, the fate of the large Tetouan stadium, which should accommodate 46,000 spectators, remains unresolved.

In general, Morocco remains determined to present a solid and complete record, in order to fulfill this project that has many meanings and has always been a dream for the Kingdom and its people.

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