World: Nicolás Maduro decreed that Christmas in Venezuela begin last

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, decided to bring Christmas in that country forward “two months” for this 2020 alone, a measure that would have the purpose of diverting attention from the health and economic emergency as a result of the coronavirus, according to his critics, as he collected Infobae.

However, the objectives would be different, as dictated by the head phrase of Chavismo. “We promote food sovereignty”, reads the saying that frames the decision to decree the beginning of Christmas last October 15th.

The campaign of the successor in power of the late Hugo Chávez has been replicated in state media. In the propaganda that accompanies the advertisement, characters and objects related to Christmas are observed together with Nicolás Maduro and his wife, Cilia Flores.

According to Venezuelan media, the Venezuelan president will provide greater insight into the meaning of the “start of Christmas 2020” in October, two months earlier than usual.

This provision comes after the government announced the gradual resumption of national tourism since December in order to reverse the economic crisis, under biosecurity protocols.

“Gradually reopen tourist areas from December 1 through a strict biosafety protocol in order to stimulate the tourism sector at the end of 2020 and celebrating the Christmas season“Said Maduro.


Nicolás Maduro allows the opening of tourist points in December and maintains the quarantine


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