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World record holder Ken Stornes (32) from Elverum dies in the snow – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Ken Stornes breaks the world record

Death is an amateur sport that is a variant of diving. They make a distinction between classic death and freestyle death. A classic death is where athletes go out in a horizontal plane with arms and legs stretched in an x ​​formation until they hit the water, and freestyle, where athletes perform various tricks in the hover.

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“data-term =” death “> death when he fell off a 31-meter-high cliff at Harpefoss in Gudbrandsdalen last autumn.

But when the water froze in ice, the 32-year-old from Elverum had to find new ways to challenge himself in his spare time.

It was found in the 24 meter high mast at Nordhue in Løten.

– It was like jumping in bed in the evening. He was actually quite comfortable, he claims.

NEW KICK: Ken Stornes from Elverum believes snow killing will take off in the coming years.

Photo: Stein S Eide / NRK

Extreme sports, which began as a separate “diving style” at Frognerbadet in Oslo in the late 1960s, have thus taken many steps further.

– Yes this is quite unique. I have never heard anyone dive into the snow from a great height before, says Mathias Hansson of Dødseforbundet.

According to Hansson, the dead environment in Norway is quite small. He thinks Stornes is alone in making a waterfall like a great height down into the snow.

Landing in a snow master

Ken Stornes believes snow killing will decrease in the coming years.

– It wasn’t too much snow but it was just fine. I didn’t feel anything, says the 33-year-old who works as a health professional on a daily basis.

Mathias Hansson of Dødseforbundet thinks it could be a niche in the sport. But he does not think it will take off as the water kill has done in recent years in Norway and internationally.

– There must be enough snow to land safely and not everyone has access to it, he says.

He says it also involves greater risk than killing in water.

Become triggered by fear

Ken Stornes is the former Norwegian champion

Taekwondo is originally a Korean self-defense system and military melee system, which over the twentieth century also developed into a global international sport and a competitive Olympic sport.


“data-term =” Taekwondo “> Taekwondo and he trained hard

Tricking, or tricks, is a training discipline that combines kick in martial arts and tombstones with other elements from spinning and dance moves to breakdance.

Tricking is a relatively new sport that is a mix of mostly martial arts and gymnastics.


“data-term =” tricking “> tricking.

20 years of training gave him muscle and body control, which comes in handy in the sport he discovered three years ago.

Ken Stones

GLOMMA TRAINING: Ken Stornes has been training extensively for 20 years. On the beach at Glomma in Elverum, there is plenty of space for body control.

Photo: Stein S Eide / NRK

He then met and joined the world record holder in death

Korpreiret is a branch or canyon one kilometer long in the river Øksna in the municipality of Løten, about one kilometer north of Ebru towards Nordhue from National Road 3. The Gill formed here at the end of the last ice age between 11,000 and 9,000. last year.

(Source Wikipedia)

“data-term =” Korpreiret “> Korpreiret in Løten where there is a cliff 15 meters high down the river.

Then it was sold. That’s what he would do too.

He broke some toes and ribs but was never seriously injured.

She is about to have control over how she lands.

– Then you got far, he says.

In the snow, it is important not to land with your legs first, but to spread the impact all over your body. It is the opposite of landing in water where you would prefer to land on the smallest possible surface.

– If you land flat from 10 or 20 meters of water, someone should come and pull you up.

Ken Stornes is fully aware that the consequences of making mistakes in extreme sports can be completely fatal.

Does it mean playing with life

Instagram video of the jump from mast on Nordhue this winter received 26,000 likes and comments around the world. It was first mentioned by the local newspaper Østlendingen.

Many are impressed, others are outraged, and think that what he is doing is foolish.

They think he is playing with life and taking unnecessary risks.

– It may be because people do not understand what they see, he says.

But he understands that they are reacting. And they wouldn’t recommend it without being well prepared and knowing what to do.

– Everything is dangerous in the end. I don’t see it as play and life.

A LITTLE WILD: Ken Stornes has sea irony in his video and posted it on his Instagram account.

He always admits that he is scared every time he jumps.

But she likes the feeling of being focused on doing everything right.

For him, it is a way of life. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.

– We are born with different personality traits and temperaments, given to psychologist and researcher at Innlandet University College Karin Boson as one of the explanations why some people choose extreme sports.

Karin Boson, social psychologist and general at Innlandet University College.

DIFFERENT NEEDS: HINN psychologist and researcher Karin Boson, we already say when children have different needs for arousal.

Photo: Høgksolen in Innlandet

He researched what drives people to choose just that and not failure. Already as children, some will need a higher degree of stimuli while others are more easily scared.

– Killing is an extreme sport with high stimuli, he says.

Ken Stones

LIFE CAN CHANGE: Ken Stornes triggers not even greater height, but realizes that he can change when he doesn’t just have a dog to take responsibility for.

Photo: Stein S Eide / NRK

If she has children, she thinks the mood will change. Then he is probably in charge of the most dangerous thing.

But before that he wants to climb all the way to the top of the mast 24 meters high Nordhue and throw himself down.

It was winter and only ten meters before the snow melted.

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