World’s Top 3: Xi Jinping Wants to Unite Taiwan and Singapore’s PM Consider COVID-19 Flu

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The world’s most popular news throughout Saturday, October 9, 2021, including Chinese leader Xi Jinping vowing to reunite Taiwan with China, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who said COVID-19 had become a flu-like disease, until Indonesia became the best in the recovery index COVID-19 Nikkei.

The three international news above are summarized in the following Top 3 Worlds.

1. President Xi Jinping Vows to Reunite China and Taiwan

President Xi Jinping vowed to realize China’s “reunification” with Taiwan. Although it did not directly mention the use of force, in the past week China has shown off its strength by displaying hundreds of warplanes in Taiwan’s airspace, causing tensions.

Democratically ruled Taiwan came under increasing military and political pressure from Beijing to accept its sovereignty, but Taipei had vowed to maintain their independence and that only the Taiwanese people could decide their future.

Speaking at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, Saturday, October 9, 2021, Xi said the Chinese people have a “noble tradition” of opposing separatism.

“Taiwan’s independence separatism is the biggest obstacle to achieving the reunification of the homeland,” Xi Jinping said at the anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the last imperial dynasty in 1911. Read the full story here.


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