WTF. Chicken nugget launched into space for this anniversary

After sending animals and people into space, science has now taken the next big step. A chicken nugget temporarily left the atmosphere in honor of a retail chain’s 50th anniversary.

A British supermarket chain that specializes in the sale of frozen products has celebrated its 50th anniversary with a special stunt. Iceland decided to launch one of their best-selling products, the chicken nugget, into space.

60 degrees below zero

It took the small snack about 45 minutes to reach a height of more than 3,300 kilometers above the earth’s surface. There in space it reached a temperature of 60 degrees below zero, not an unknown temperature for the frozen product.

From that moment on, the chicken nugget began to slowly descend again, reaching a speed of over 300 km / h. Just before landing, a parachute unfolded, bringing the snack to earth unscathed.

Sent into Space

The launch was organized in collaboration with Sent into Space, a team of experts in this type of launch. They made the space journey of this special frying snack possible.

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