Wu Lei meets your expectations at Espanyol


During our life we ​​have to forget about the expectations of others and be faithful to our own – Wu Lei

Expectations. If something generated the signing of Wu Lei They were expectations. Expectations, but also uncertainty, illusion and suspicion. A little of everything without knowing well what. The Spanish He did not sign anyone of the magnitude of Wu Lei. And it's funny, because in Spain hardly knew a few connoisseurs.

Exactly four months ago that the Chinese striker came to Barcelona to intoxicate a lost hobby between the euphoria of the beginning of League and the confusion due to the bad run that the team was going through.

Worry about your injury

For a few days Wu Lei made all that forget and went on to star in all the parrot conversations. From who he is to what he plays by going through the carving and then also what the hell has on his shoulder because there comes something that very normal does not seem.

In effect, he had been injured during Asian Cup and a few centimeters below his left ear he highlighted a protuberance impossible to hide. Espanyol needed to sign a forward and go and sign an injured Chinese.

Soon he won the fans for his football and character

It sounds ugly, but bad that despite that was the feeling more or less general. Both he and the medical services of the club calmed the situation quickly: he is injured, yes, but he will be able to play. Until this Thursday it did not go through the operating room and the operation was a success. He could play and will continue to play, although it is not known yet how much he should rest.

Since he debuted against Villarreal in The ceramic with a draw, Espanyol only lost two games. It took him a few minutes to prove that he had not come with his tail between his legs to hang out. In the victory against Vallecano Ray -His second game- caused a penalty coming off the bench and in his fourth game he managed to score the third goal Valladolid.

His arrival prompted the change of system

Wu Lei, in addition, got angry, protested and fought as if he had spent years understanding what it means to wear the blue and white elastic. He won the skeptics in nothing. All this was accompanied by stratospheric media numbers on both social networks and television. A manual win-win.

He started playing hooked to band but Ruby he saw in him an opportunity to change the system. He went from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2. Melendo, Marc Roca Y Darder They gained prominence. TO Borja Iglesias It cost more. The game of Wu Lei was so vertical and so constantly looked for the unmarking that the Galician was seen in work until then unknown to him. The minutes brought understanding and ended up scoring two more goals. One acrobatic against Celtic (kissed the shield) and the last one against Real society who certified the classification for Europe.

Meets your expectations and with those of the club and the fans

He arrived injured, from a league that is at the antipodes of the Spanish, with hardly any time to adapt, with the language barrier and a team that did not reap results. He scored three goals, he participated in many others, he was one of the keys to changing the system, he empowered other players and finished the season on the shoulders of a hobby that has elevated him as one of the symbols of this historical team commanded by the faith of Ruby.

Wu Lei does not give up in his effort to repeat that he still has to adapt, that this has only just begun, that he needs to gain physical strength, improve in combinations and learn the language. He is faithful to his expectations that are fulfilled. Meanwhile, those that the fans and club had put in him, also they are doing it.


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