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Reporter Zhang Xiaohan / Comprehensive Report

Wu Mengda reported on the 27th that he had been transferred to the intensive care unit in critical condition. His family and friends rushed to the hospital after being notified by the hospital. His friend Tian Qiwen also rushed to the hospital after receiving the notice. During the interview, he revealed the latest situation of Wu Mengda. Everyone is mentally prepared to send Wu Mengda away.

▲The latest situation of Tian Qiwen being interviewed by Wu Mengda. (Photo/Visual China CFP)

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According to a Hong Kong media report, Tian Qiwen revealed during an interview: “Now (Wu Mengda) is in a state of dying, and the doctor has nothing to help him. Everyone has to be mentally prepared that Da Ge is leaving, and he is now talking to him. His family arranged for things to happen after his death.” When a friend visited the doctor a few days ago, Wu Mengda had been shouting pain and hard work. It was useless to take morphine every 4 hours to relieve pain. He could only lick the lemon from time to time to stimulate oral secretion. Drool.

In fact, Tian Qiwen confirmed on the 22nd that Wu Mengda was diagnosed with liver cancer at the end of last year, but he would not disclose the current stage. Wu Mengda first went to Macau for medical treatment and then returned to Hong Kong. He has now completed the operation and started to receive chemotherapy. However, after chemotherapy, he is weak and unable to speak. He can only respond with gestures such as waving hands, which makes people very reluctant to give up.

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