WWE Undertaker Legend: Khabib Nurmagomedov Definitely Back


LAS VEGAS – LegendWWE The Undertaker supports Khabib Nurmagomedov to retire from the UFC retirement. But the pro wrestling royalty organizer – who is a huge fan of the UFC – hinted at Khabib to be persuaded to return to the Octagon for the right opponent.

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He told ESPN: “ I think he’s back. We all see that this time when someone says that with raised eyebrows. ”

” You know, how many times did Conor retire? How many times has Jon Jones retired? ”

“ It’s like, There’s always fighting out there and there are always numbers out there that say, ‘Yeah, I can still do this’. ”

Taker – real name Mark Calaway – himself is no stranger to retirement, having announced in June that he was leaving WWE. As well as Calaway, UFC president Dana White also predicts Khabib will fight to complete 30 fights.

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Khabib’s victory against Gaethje is the first fight since the death of his influential father Abdulmanap, who died at the age of 57 in July after contracting the coronavirus. But previously, Nurmagomedov had confirmed that his father wanted him to retire 30-0.

And now White believes Khabib can return for one last fight to honor his father’s will and as a result he maintains his light belt. He said: “I told you I thought he would win [30-0].”

“If he is still testing, why would you want to test if you are not going to fight?”

“He’s not committed yet, but I think he will. I didn’t push it too hard. We talked about it and he just had a fight. ”

” Let him spend time, spend time with his family, spend holidays. There’s no need to rush. “



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