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Xavi: “I want to go back to Bara, but there can’t be anyone toxic”

by drbyos

The former player of FC BarcelonaXavi Hernandez,current coach of Al-Sadd, has reiterated his desire to “return” to the Barça club as coach, but starting the project “from scratch” and without anyone “toxic near the dressing room”, and considers it essential that there be “a lot of harmony” between the directive and the technical body.

“I am clear that I want to return toBarca, I am very excited. The same years ago he could give me some respect, but now that I have seen myself training I think I can contribute things to the players. But I made it clear to them that I was looking at a project that started from scratch, and in which decision-making was mine, “he said in an interview with the newspaper La Vanguardia.

In this sense, he assured that if he returned he would like to do it with people of “trust” and “loyalty”. “There can’t be anyone toxic near the locker room. We’re talking aboutCarles Puyol, who was captain of Barça, andJordi Cruyff,very good businessman and with a lot of experience in the technical secretary. I am very team, I do not want to decide alone. Here, we make the decisions with the staff, it is a horizontal, consensus structure. Although then the last word corresponds to me, “he said.

So, in case of returning, you would like to have“a lot of tuning”with everybody. “In the locker room there cannot be anyone negative, toxic, and the medical issue is important … everything has to fit,” he said, although it would not be “definitive” who was president. “I have nothing against anyone. What’s more, I don’t have a bad relationship with Bartomeu, with Laporta I get along well and Víctor Font and I are friends. I will be with everyone who wants Barça well,” he stressed.

In another order of things, the former midfielder explained what his ‘dream team’ would be. “A large part of the squad seems extraordinary to me. Starting with the goalkeeper, who seems to me the best in the world; Jordi Alba, for me, is the best left-back in the world;Pique, the best central player in the world; Busquets, the best defensive midfielder in the world; and Messi, the best player in the world. And, if you add Suárez, De Jong and Arthur, they seem to me footballers to win ten more years at Barça, “he said.

“The base is very good. I would sign extremes, typeNeymar-I do not know if he would fit in with the social issue, but footballically I have no doubts that it would be a spectacular signing-; Barça already have a game inside, but they lack extremes like Bayern does. He doesn’t need many new ones: Jadon Sancho, Serge Gnabry … “, he listed.

Among his biggest references in the Barça club, he named Johan Cruyff and Joan Vila, althoughPep Guardiola“It was also a huge influence.” “He always helped me. In the locker room, I changed to his side and Figo’s. I ended up playing in his position,” he recalled, explaining that being at Barça is having “a very strong feeling of belonging to an unconditional family.”

“Play with Spain”

In another order of things, Xavi denied that he had any problem with playing with the Spanish team. “On the contrary, a pride. I have never hidden.The political issueand injustices bust me, but it has nothing to do with it. All my life I wanted to go to the Spanish team, and to much honor, “he said.

In addition, he stressed that he feelsCatalan and Spanish. “Of course I have nothing against Spain, Spain has given me a lot. And it has treated me very well,” he said, denying having recognized a feeling of independence. “I have not said this. What seems to me an injustice is that people have not been able to vote in a legal referendum. It leaves people to decide their future, which also manifests itself peacefully. I have only spoken in this sense. In favor of the freedom of the people, not against Spain, “he stressed.

Finally, the former culé player valued his controversy for defending the Qatar lifestyle. “When I land here I feel relieved: neither judged nor criticized. And this is what my life needed, because they have been dedicated to Barça for 25 years, and Barça is a crusher of people. Today I amvery good with the family, the people here are very generous and hospitable, “he said.

“There are many prejudices regardingArabic culture. I do not defend a dictatorship, not at all. I have been criticized a lot about human rights, but they themselves criticize themselves (…) They are increasingly aware that certain things must be suppressed, but they need time. There are indefensible issues, such as freedom of the press or respect for homosexuality, but they have many very positive things, “he concluded.


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