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Xbox Games with Gold: These are the free games in August

Microsoft announced the free Games with Gold as part of your Xbox Live membership in August. As usual, you can look forward to four games.

In August 2021, Microsoft will again be offering four free full versions as part of the Games with Gold. Two titles are at home on the Xbox One, but can also be played on the Xbox Series X / S, two other games are originally for Xbox 360 and also run on the newer consoles.

Darksiders III will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S from August 1st until the end of the month. You slip into the role of Fury, one of the notorious four horsemen of the Apocalypse, and go on the hunt for the seven deadly sins.

The second title for the two more recent platforms is Yooka-Laylee. The colorful platformer is available from August 16 to September 15. Here you can explore a large open world full of secrets and meet a group of distinctive characters. The focus of the trip: the animal friends Yooka and Laylee, who collect as many glittering objects as possible and have to face the nasty Capital B.

The former action epic Lost Planet 3 is the first Xbox 360 title that you can secure in the first half of August. In the prequel you will experience the adventures of maintenance worker Jim Peyton, who learns new truths about the dangerous planet and the colonial history of EDN III. From now on you have to fight against dangerous creatures and extreme environmental conditions.

From August 16, there will be Garou: Mark of the Wolves, a tournament battle title in the second half of the month, in which you choose one of twelve characters and then have to teach your opponents to fear.

Xbox Live – July 2021 Free Games Trailer

Right before the start of the new month, Microsoft announced the Xbox Games with Gold in July.

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