Xbox positions itself against the console war with an applauded message

The console warfare is one of the most abhorrent recurring themes that surround the world of video games. Competition among users for demonstrate which is the best system or platform to play video games it continues to this day and a clear consensus is never reached. From Xbox they are fully aware of the fight between PlayStation and Xbox users, so they wanted to share a very successful message that invites users to enjoy the console of their choice without criticizing and pointing out those who have a different system.

Cory Barlog and the community have applauded the publication

“For the people in our responses who say PS5 is better: the best console is the one you enjoy playing. Divertos!“Xbox has shared from its official account. Most users have supported the company’s position and the tweet in question has received numerous interactions; currently has more than 200.000 likes Y has been shared more than 25,000 times. To the previous statements, Xbox has added others: “I think we can all console ourselves with the words that Dominic Toretto imparted to us last week and remember that people who love video games are just one big family. And you know what they say about the family … “, they comment in reference to the memes of Fast & Furious.

Cory Barlog, the director after God of War: Ragnarok, has applauded the courage of the company for the publication. Xbox seems not to mince words with this issue and have responded to other users reaffirming their position with messages such as “Can you imagine? Play games because you like them?“or” Games are always changing, but our love for them never will“; the latter in reference to the fact that we live in the golden age of video games and that we should take advantage of it to unite as a community and not argue. Do you think that the console war is necessary today or on the contrary you are in favor of not positioning yourself to a side and just enjoy the hobby of video games?

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