Xbox Series X and S weights revealed

Too big ? Too heavy ? Too light? Too thin? Whatever your choice, Microsoft has just communicated the weight of the next Xboxes.

Since Microsoft evoked the launch window for its next generation of consoles, we now need to know all the details. Features and sale price have already left the firm’s shelves, but there is still an essential element, the weight of the machines.

So, both Xbox Series models have just passed the weigh-in test and here’s what comes out. Xbox Series X weighs 9.8 pounds (4.45 kg), while Model S only weighs 4.25 (1.92 kg), or less than half.

For comparison on the current generation, the classic PS4 weighs 2.8kg, while the Xbox One X has been tested at 3.8kg.

Now that you have this information in hand, let us know if this will be a determining factor for you when making the purchase …

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