Xi Jinping Declares China Wins Total to Eradicate Poverty Page all

BEIJING, KOMPAS.com – Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that his country won a total victory in the campaign to eradicate poverty.

The statement was made by Xi Jinping on Thursday (25/2/2021) as quoted from The Straits Times.

Xi made the announcement while attending a ceremony marking China’s achievements in eradicating poverty.

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During the event, Xi also distributed appreciation to a number of individuals involved in the poverty alleviation campaign.

The event was held in the Great Hall of the People in China’s capital, Beijing, and was broadcast live on state-owned television channels.

Xi has made poverty eradication one of his main goals since becoming the leader of the Chinese Communist Party in late 2012.

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The Chinese Communist Party is also likely to declare victory in building a “sufficiently prosperous” society.

In September 2020, Xi also hosted an event praising China’s success in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Xi’s second term as head of the Chinese Communist Party will end next year.

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However, Xi is likely to remain in his role after amending the constitution in 2018 to allow him to become President of China for a third term.

Newspaper The People’s DailyThe party’s official mouthpiece ran a three-page 22,000-character article on Wednesday summarizing Xi’s order on poverty eradication since he took power.

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The People’s Daily also wrote, Xi’s efforts achieved great success and made a major contribution to global progress.

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Last year, China raised the poverty line where people earning more than 4,000 yuan (Rp 8.7 million) a year were not categorized as poor.

The poverty line rose in 2012, which states that people who earn below 2,625 yuan (Rp. 5.7 million) are categorized as poor.

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