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Xiaomi announces improved version of Redmi Note 8 – Tablets and Phones – News

That’s why I’ve been staying loyal to Sailfish, from Jolla, for years.
About nine years old I bought the Galaxy S3, at the time the flagship model. About a year later it was clear what it could do for you in terms of updates. On a flagship model.
Eight years later: the situation has changed little. Google could have made it very easy for itself: make all contracts with the hardware makers so that updates are pushed through and they are responsible for driver updates. Now Google continues to “blame” the manufacturers, which is true, but is also part of the story.

The first device from Jolla: 7 years of updates, the device has not received any updates until a few months ago. All other devices are still receiving updates as far as I know.

It is also not an issue with Windows (perhaps if you expect that Windows 7 will still get updates after> 10 years ). Apple can also be mentioned, but they make their own hardware.

In fact, you are almost obliged to install a custom rom on Android phones. To be able to get more updates, but also to better control your privacy.
In the discussion about privacy, / e / erbi is also used as a “solution”.

But in the end it comes down to the same: as an end user we continue to feed the Android ecosystem and that is not going to change. Android’s update policy has been bad for nearly a decade. In recent years, privacy has been added to this. There is no reason that anything will change at Google. So I do it myself: become dependent on Android as little as possible.

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