Xiaomi dismantles online store in China that sold counterfeit products at very low prices

A shipment of fake Xiaomi smartphones has been seized in China.

The days when the market was full of fakes iPhone is long gone. There are counterfeit iPhones on the market, but there aren’t that many. They are replaced by copies from leading Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi and others. Just the other day, in the catalog of one of the e-commerce platforms, we found fake smartphones Xiaomi.

During a routine inspection of a Chinese online store, Xiaomi discovered that a number of the company’s models were sold at a lower price. It was decided to make a control purchase and conduct a study on smartphones. As a result of these activities, it was discovered that the store was selling counterfeit Xiaomi smartphones.

It was decided to sue the unscrupulous seller and Xiaomi filed a complaint with the relevant government authorities. The warehouse search revealed a large number of packages with fake smartphones ready to be shipped. Hundreds of counterfeit Xiaomi devices have been seized. The owner of the e-commerce store admitted that the sale of counterfeit electronics had become commonplace and that he had started selling.

For its part, Xiaomi asked users to give preference to specialist stores and official retailers of the company, rather than ushers who give fake Xiaomi smartphones as real and offer to buy them for free.


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